Current exhibitions

Eric Gaskell ARBSA
22 January - 12 April
Online Exhibition
Eric Gaskell ARBSA began making canal linocuts in 2004. This was the start of a journey from north to south across the UK canal network.
In this exhibition, see a selection of black and white linocut prints from Gaskell's book, Canal Linocuts.
3 trees collagraph LNevill.jpg
Linda Nevill ARBSA
18 February - 12 April
Online Exhibition

Linda Nevill is a printmaker from Wolverhampton, creating work based on the English landscape.

This series of abstract collagraphs are individually printed using different coloured inks, each one is unique.

Upcoming exhibitions

Gabrielle Roberts-Dalton RBSA
The Time of the Thin Tissue
13 April - 22 May
Ground Floor Gallery & Online
Gabrielle Roberts-Dalton is focused on developing a narrative around the Menopause. Using oil paint and drawing with Indian ink (dip pen method), her recent work evolved into using still life elements.
As a response to the isolation over the past year, she explores the effects of ageing and the fragility of human tissue/flesh.
Nigel Priddey RBSA
A Blot on the Landscape
13 April - 22 May
Ground Floor Gallery & Online

Nigel Priddey works in watercolour, seeking pattern and colour in UK landscapes.


Using both conventional and unconventional techniques, Nigel uses bold graphic shapes and strong colour to instil a sense of place in his landscapes. 

Mary Flitcroft RBSA
Light Held and Deflected:
Vessels and Panels in Porcelain
13 April - 22 May
Ground Floor Gallery & Online

Mary Flitcroft sees clay as a powerful medium for abstract, non-figurative work. She enjoys working with the tension between abstract and functional forms. 

Attracted by porcelain’s qualities of fragility and strength, Mary also uses the shimmer of lustre to create a brightness through each of her latest pieces. 

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