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Greater than 20,000 systems of programs storage space capability. Typically, greater than 20,000 various programmings of mold and mildew or client numbering can be kept With a mirror surface area refining circuit, a real mirror impact can be carried out. Additionally, it's also much far better to utilize orbital refining and powder blending refining with the EDM trigger disintegration device.10 sections auto-editing work. ① Hands-on modify: modify machining problem by experience. ②AUTO Z automobile modify: Max. Midsts, preliminary present and completed procedure, machining location choice are offered, and after that machining problem modify can be completed immediately. ③ Smart problem modify electrode form, electrode and workpiece product, workpiece area location and completed accuracy choice, deepness establishing location are offered, and after that machining problem can be total each time incidentally of a rough→moderate→fine.ZNC EDM Machine

Power manage (equivalent power) work for homogenizing machining impact. And this work might be turned off to speeding up graphite electrode machining.ZNC EDM Machine

Generator new develop adheres to a power provide box and 15-inch LCD show criterion of European CE security policy, which is dustproof, water resistant, electrical noise-proof, ZNC EDM Machine

and circuit card life might likewise be increased.A commercial course PC-based controller is used, and the conventional hard drive is replaced by new DOM kind memory, which allows much faster and more progressively rates of submit reviewing and it's better for market application.Up discharging (turn around machining) work makes unique machining simpler.2 independent machining coordinates. The man pass away and women pass away might be parted or machined in various coordinates.

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