RBSA Prize Selection

The final selection for the RBSA Prize Exhibition 2020 has been made. We received a record number of entries this year and would like thank all artists for entering.


After a considerably difficult decision-making process, judges Graham Chorlton and Julie Brown have chosen 127 pieces of work out of 525 total entries.

The selected artists will be emailed individually regarding delivery and collection of work.

The following 2D and 3D artists and the titles of their work have been selected:

2D artists

Judith Alder, Signs Of Life (Following The Pattern)

Ralph Aldhous, Walking The Dog

Kirk Andrews, View From My Window

Sam Bailey, The Night Bus

Paulette Bansal, Vertical & Horizontal Ruling

Andrew Barrowman, Cornish Landscape

Margot Bell, Lockdown Root 1

Kate Bentley, Love (Ophelia)

Louise Bird, The Nude Normal, Female No. 2

Saranjit Birdi, Tango

Leavon Bowman, Ocean Rhythm

Maria Boyd, Agapanthus In The Woods

Parveer Braich, Malta Travels

Roger Bradley, Luna Danger Zone

David Brammeld, Quiet Place

Sally Brookes, Tent Interior

Clive Bryant, GOAT Greatest of All Time

Christy Burdock, Artist With Necklace

Danny Byrne, Anne

David Byrne, Social Distancing

Sarah Cage, You And I Went Down The Lane

Alex Callaway, Wild Sweet Pea In A Bell Jar

Deb Catesby, Pink Kite

Cristina Celestini, Never

Julie Chambers, Agartha

Christine Chester, Fading II

Lilian Chuchu, Bantu

Lilian Chuchu, Enough

Ashley Collin, UNTITLED

Cliff Collins, Fabian's Filly

David Cowden, Contemplation

Nicola Currie, Redcurrants In A Bowl

Ann Dangerfield, City At Sunset

John Davenport, Mia Mk II

Karen de la Gorce, V

Adam DeVille, Toing and Froing From Place du Tertre

Steve Evans, Blueprint 1

Stephen Farley, Concentricity

Andrew Field, River Dene - Charlecote

Brian Fletcher, Lockdown-Self Portrait

Mary Flitcroft, You Cover It With The Deep

Jane French, Ava And Geoff

Cristina Gardiner, Borderlands 1

Eric Gaskell, Cornwall Remembered

Janette George, New York Skyline 1

Penny German, Spring Primroses

Alan Glover, Pots On A Patio

Geoff Goddard, Looking Back

Irina Gooder, Self-Isolation

Judith Grassi, Winter Wren

Lawrence Green, Grasmere from Great Rigg (Study)

Roger Hale, Self Isolation

Chris Hardy, B1 2ND

Martyn Harris, Gina

Chris Haywood, Bicknell And Hamilton

Sarah Heppner, Crown

Carol Hill, Winter Mist - Cromford Canal, Derbyshire

Kay Hodges, Leon

Kay Hodges, The Big Blue Yonder

Johnathan Hooper, Trenic Drive Semis - Leeds

Ed Isaacs, Services J2 M54, Wolverhampton

D J, Crib Goch And The Snowdon Horseshoe

Heinke Jenkins, The Long Wait

Frederick Jones, Headphones

Lynette Kay, Into The Void

Nadezdha Lisak, Un Caffe Con Gianni

Giorgio Landon, Satyr and Frog

Maggie Leaver, Some Have, Some Don't.

Rob Leckey, Three Boats, Pittenweem Harbour

Susan Leonard, Are They Asleep / Early Light Lower Ladyes Hill

Kevin Line, GofH Silversmith

Mark Lippett, Guard House

Catherine MacDiarmid, Personal Space: Bystander

Rachel Magdeburg, High Brow

Sarita Maharjan, Blossom

Di Marshall, Love Them Boots!

Robin Mason, Old Harry's Rocks

Rachel Massey, Rock and Coffee, Blackpool

John Maule-ffinch, St Pauls’ Square

Laurie McDougall, Visiting Nanny

Sian McGhee, The National Theatre

Bernie Moore, Who Me?

Sally Morgan, The Umbrella Revolution

Lucy Morrison, Land Mass

Elizabeth Nast, Tea For Two

Joss Nelson, The House Of Exile

Linda Nevill, Red By Night

Andrew Newton, Interior 9

Ella Oakley, Woman Expressing A Vulnerable Experience

Vicky Oldfield, Glimmers of Hope

Hannah Parkes, Day 48                   

Hannah Parkes, Musa Acuminata

Mark Peate, Life Study Portrait Of Bryony

Claire Pentlow, Vivid

Monica Perez Vega, Weeping Willow

Christina Philpott, Summer

Flavia Pinto, Natural Medicine III

Nigel Priddey, Earl's Hill, Shropshire

Lindsay Pritchard, Morning Mist, Catbells

Michael Pritchard, Spring Garden 01

Michael Riddle, Gaze

Gabrielle Roberts-Dalton, COVID Crown - Isolation Series

Gerald Rushton, City In Motion

Emma Safe, My Gentle Conspirators

Chris Salmon, Madonna

Natalie Seymour, Echo

Isobel Shackleton, Breakfast

Margo Sharp, Lockdown From Attic Studio

Bing Shi, Self Portrait In Lockdown

Colin Simmonds, Adrian's Pond

Caroline Summerfield, You And Me

Derek Swinscoe, The House At Tottenham

Helen Tarr, Flowers At Dusk

Elena Thomas, Flow

Tori Tipton, Palimpsest No.1

Roger Truseler, Oranges With Grapes

Paul Turk, Packwood Flower Girl

Keith Turley, Charles ‘Chas’ Grigg - Cartoonist

Jonnie Turpie, Barbara 'Babs' Walker. Drawing In The Round Room

Pete Underhill, Chopper - A Portrait Of Flynn Beltane

Anne Ware, Global Warming At Seaview Cafe

Gill Whitting, Woodview Estate Demolition

Mary Williams, Downpour

Ro Williams, Col

Emily Willis, A Girl Wearing A White Cloak

Jodie Wingham, As Yet Untitled, A Series Of 9 Different Images

Tim Woolgar, Julia and Pionus

Anthony Yates, Arid House

3D artists

Stella Brown, Renew

Anne-Laure Cano, Fading Signal (67)

Clare Chennells, Beautalism #2

Andrew Coates, Landscape with Migratory Bird

Dallas Collins, Remnant #3

Simon Conolly, A Brisk Walk

Amanda Cotton, Fine Bone China

Kate Egawa, Performance Review

Mark Gibbs, Dresden at Cumberland Bay 1915

Mark Gibbs, To The End Of Empire

Tatiana Kozin, Meeting with Mermaid

Giorgio Landon, Pardonnez-moi, Monsieur!

Jain McKay, Destination Unknown

Michaela McMillan, Donatella Takes The Lead

Marcus Miller, Theseus With 'Thread Of Ariadne'

Charlotte Owen, Autumnal Pod

Robert Page, Achilles Sleeping / The First Time That You Kissed Me

Monica Perez Vega, Unfurl

Kathryn Sawbridge, Autumn Gold

David Stokes, Home

Lisa Traxler, Time Traveller Unlocked 1

Disha Trivedi, Blossom

Marijke Van der Veen, Surfacing

Michele White, Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandma’s Cottage

Michele White, Mount Fuji At Cherry Blossom Time

Tammy Woodrow, Toren1

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