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Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Join or renew your Friends subscription here: Join RBSA Friends

The RBSA Gallery provides a platform for artists at various stages of their career. Become a Friend of the RBSA if you are an artist or supporter who wants to be a part of the arts community in Birmingham.

In addition to support from the RBSA, you will receive discounts, exclusive event invitations, opportunities to deliver workshops and free entry to the Friends Exhibition and RBSA Open exhibitions. 

The Friends subscription has been part of the RBSA since the 1900s and the RBSA was one of the first art societies to give subscribers their own exhibitions. Many former Friends have progressed to become Associates and Members, as well as Council Members who shape the Society’s future. 

From RBSA Friend to Associate Member Andrew Tromans, a painter and print maker, shares his experience of being an RBSA Friend and progressing to RBSA Associate

I joined the RBSA Friends five years ago and have renewed my membership annually since. Membership has brought me numerous benefits over the years including regular exhibitions and courses at discounted rates, plus contact with a network of like-minded individuals which has been invaluable. My first showing at the RBSA was through the Friends Exhibition, which enabled me to get a feel for what exhibiting entailed.
Cosmos, Andrew Tromans ARBSA
I have also attended courses in printmaking for linocut, dry-point and mezzotint at discounted rates. Through these sessions I was able to receive guidance and encouragement on technical issues and subject matter. When entering the RBSA Open Exhibition as a Friend, I was able to do so at a discounted rate (although I still got some rejection slips – all part of the learning process!). This year my work reached a sufficient standard to achieve my election as an Associate Member of the RBSA, an honour which was enabled in no small part by being an RBSA Friend. I recommend Friends membership, as it is enjoyable, developmental and jolly good fun!

The benefits of joining

• Invitations for you and your guests to attend Private Views • Special discounted prices for talks, events and workshops • Networking events designed to help you meet fellow Friends and artists • Monthly email updates • RBSA e-newsletter three times a year • Opportunities to volunteer at the Gallery

Additional benefits for artists

• Free entry into the RBSA Open and Friends exhibitions (Friends only pay a display fee if the work is selected) • Opportunities to develop your practice through artist-led appraisals • Opportunities to be paid to devise and deliver adult and family-friendly workshops • Advice and support on how to apply for Member or Associate-ship

* Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, not all benefits are available but we endeavour to reinstate them as soon as it is safe to do so.

Join or renew your subscription

The Friends subscription is £40 per year or £35 per year by Direct Debit. It runs from the date you join for 12 months. You can also buy a 5 year subscription for £160 (£32 per year).

You can join here: Join RBSA Friends To pay by Direct Debit, please download the DD form below and send your completed form to the RBSA Gallery or email to rbsagallery@rbsa.org.uk

The RBSA would like to thank all our dedicated Friends who make an important contribution to continuing our charitable work.

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The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA) is an artist-led charity which supports artists and promotes engagement with the visual arts through a range of exhibitions, events and workshops.

The RBSA runs an exhibition venue, the RBSA Gallery, in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter, a short walk from the city centre.

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