Who are our RBSA Next Wave Sponsors?

Who are Galliard Homes & Apsley House Capital, and what do they do?

Galliard Homes is one of London’s largest developers. During its 26-year history, it has evolved to become a leading authority and expert in construction, and in the development of large mixed-use sites.

The Galliard Group is synonymous with regeneration and is viewed as an instrumental and critical figure in the growth and development of East London and Docklands neighbourhoods. The group has more than 500 staff and a portfolio worth in excess of £3.8 billion currently under construction, including nearly 7,000 homes and 372 hotel suites across two new hotels.

Through strategic joint venture partnerships, Galliard Homes has steadily moved into other key cities throughout the UK. In 2017, Galliard Homes teamed up with Apsley House Capital, a residential property investment house, to acquire a property portfolio in Birmingham with a gross development value of more than £500 million.

The joint venture partnership has plans to deliver more than 2,000 new homes at four sites across the city, including the AE Harris premises and adjacent land on Newhall Street in the Jewellery Quarter; Pershore Street, in Southside; and Soho Loop, a 12-acre plot on Birmingham’s Main Line Canal.


Aerial view of the new development. Image courtesy of Galliard Homes and Apsley house Capital.

Why did Galliard Homes and Apsley House Capital sponsor the RBSA Next Wave exhibition?

Lucille Gibbons, Galliard Homes corporate responsibility coordinator, said: “Galliard Homes is thrilled to be sponsoring the RBSA Next Wave Exhibition this September.

“Galliard has a long history of championing emerging and grass roots artists, and is committed to helping the arts to flourish in the areas in which we develop.

“The Arts help to reflect the world we live in, our cultural values, and can create a shared sense of identity within communities. 

“As part of our Responsible Business Strategy 2020, we are committed to working with local community partners and felt the RBSA was a great addition to our growing network in Birmingham.”

For more information on Galliard Homes’ Responsible Business commitments, visit www.galliardhomes.com

Robin Norstrom, director at Apsley House Capital, said: “With a strong attention to detail, Birmingham is a city proven to be world class when it comes to arts and crafts. Not limited to individual pieces of art or metalwork, its influence is extended to the city’s architecture, from civic buildings to commercial and residential properties.

“The RBSA’s Next Wave programme is a great initiative and will ensure there is a place for future cultural influencers in Birmingham. As a company with a vested interest in the city and the Jewellery Quarter, we’re proud to support the work of the RBSA.”

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Hurst Street facade. Image courtesy of Galliard Homes and Apsely House Capital.

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