Urban art: works inspired by Birmingham (and other great cities)

Our city streets are a constant source of inspiration for artists… and you may well recognise some of the landmarks below.

There are surprises too, as artists often see the built environment from a different perspective, seeking out what we walk past every day.

From the detailed pen and ink drawings of Ed Isaacs to Rachel Ricketts’ sculpture Red Scribble Dog  – an exuberant take on a four-legged city dweller – we have works to please all tastes and budgets at our Open All Media exhibition, sponsored by Fresh: Art Fair.

But hurry, it closes next Saturday 31 March! So why not visit soon?

Birmingham City Centre Pen, Ink & Watercolour Ed Isaacs £1,850


Red Scribble Dog Mild Steel Rachel Ricketts £1200 HIGHLY COMMENDED

Rachel Ricketts Red Scribble Dog

Red Scribble Dog is made from welded ribbons of mild steel, coloured with red pigments and natural rust. The metal strips have been used to construct this piece as a three dimensional line drawing, allowing maximum lightness and vitality. I love the way it flexes slightly when touched or in breezy weather. The hare motif is placed in his chest to represent the hound’s motivation – rather than what he had for lunch.

Stephenson Street reflected in Grand Central Watercolour £650 Angela Dooley

StephensonSt reflected in Grand Central Angela Dooley

I work mainly in watercolour and acrylics, choosing a wide range of subjects for inspiration, initially trying to capture and develop studies of atmospheric light, shade and spatial depth in land and city scapes. Images created by trees, water and the modern city landscape have all been a source of inspiration. Some of my most recent work has been inspired by the reflections created by the city landscape, distorting old and new buildings in intricate changing patterns, providing an embellishment and view not predicted at the time of construction.

Grand Entrance Digital Photo Collage Natalie Seymour NWA £450

Natalie Seymour Grand Entrance

My work captures buildings in a state of dereliction and shows the confusing nature of exploring abandoned places, where one decaying element often blurs into the next. I experiment digitally with a painterly aesthetic and collage elements from my photographic documentation to build each composition. I aim to capture the essence of these places before they disappear.

Natalie Seymour is an artist based in the West Midlands, currently working as a resident artist at Coventry University through the AA2A scheme.

Ascent Acrylic Lindsey Lavender £650

Lindsey Lavender Ascent

I am drawn to structural elements, points of transition or thresholds.  I’m interested in the transformative effect of light on essential elements upon which we tend not to focus. The works in the RBSA exhibition are typical of my current practice, focusing the viewer’s attention on the interplay of light with the structure and often treating other elements of the composition in a more abstract way.

Lindsey Lavender is a multi-award winning artist maintaining a busy schedule of exhibiting work throughout the UK. Her work is represented in both public and private art collections.

There’s Colour in Them Backstreets Watercolour John Maule-ffinch ARBSA £345

John Maule Ffinch There's Colour in them Backstreets

John has been painting since 2013 inspired by Joseph Zbukvic and latterly Chien Chung-Wei, who have both developed individual loose styles, which is where John is seeking to be, but recognises the challenge this presents.

Buildings, vehicles, water and people, the stuff of urban life, figure largely in his work, the merging of these elements into a single entity being the goal and driving force.

Call for Entries

We put on an exciting annual programme of exhibitions featuring the work of artists who exhibit at national and international level. All the artists who exhibit with us enjoy a prime city centre location to showcase their work.

Prize Exhibition: deadline 28 March

Check out the current call for our Prize Exhibition, which is open to all artists: go to the  RBSA website   where you’ll find a downloadable application pack, payment options and full instructions.

Fresh: Art Fair

Following the success of their sponsorship in 2017, we are delighted that Fresh: Art Fair is supporting the show again this year. Don’t miss the RBSA coach trip to the Fresh: Art Fair.

Making a purchase

We take a deposit or full payment at the gallery, and you can arrange to collect your work once the exhibition is over. If you can’t make it to an exhibition, call us on 0121 236 4353 or email rbsagallery@rbsa.org.uk

You can also talk to the gallery about commissioning art. You may like the style of an artist, but have your own ideas.

Our Own Art scheme makes the process affordable through an interest free loan: artwork valued at over £100 can be paid for in ten instalments.

Why not visit the RBSA   soon and enjoy some inspirational art?

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