Unlock the mysteries of art…

Is art something you did at school and then forgot about? Maybe you think galleries and exhibitions aren’t for you…

As a result, you may not have fully explored your creative side. And yet, studies point to the benefits of art, which can reduce stress and improve wellbeing.

At the RBSA we want to help both those new to making art and more experienced practitioners discover the fun of learning something new.

Artist Zarina Keyani says: ‘The RBSA offers so much….

‘I always think that everyone has something to say, its just how to say it.  You could be a speaker or a writer and literally say what it is you want, or, use other creative methods.  Whatever gets you excited and puts across what you want…’


You can explore creating your own drawings, paintings, prints and textile art in one of our popular and informal workshops.

You get expert and friendly guidance from an experienced artist, plus art materials and refreshments on the day.

Zarina adds: ‘Art is about being part of a community, creating a dialogue and having a conversation.

‘Taking a course in something you havent done or just a using a different technique is also a great way to inform what you are doing as an artist, as is travel and meeting other artists.

‘A conversation will always give me ideas and encourage me forward!’

Here are just some of the great art classes available at the RBSA this February. All of our workshops run from 11am-4.30pm with a lunch break, unless otherwise specified.

Vibrant Pastels 11 – 12 February  Janette Summerfield


Pastels are a magical medium… and in this two-day workshop you will learn how to utilise texture, colour, and composition to create vibrant artworks.

This workshop is suitable for all abilities.

Abstract Landscapes 13 – 14 February Zarina Keyani


Explore colour, form, and expressive techniques to produce abstract landscapes in a range of paints and inks. Skills you will develop include use of colour, tone and texture and how to know when a work is finished. Ideal for beginners but also suitable for painters looking to try something new.

Copy, Proof, Print

18 – 19 February

Eric Gaskell


Eric has built up a reputation as a skilled printmaker specialising in lino-cut and his Facebook Group ‘Linocut Friends’ has over 23,000 members.

Why not join his class? He’ll take you through the steps from drawing to cutting to final print. ‘Copy, Proof, Print’ takes place over two days and is open to all abilities.

Beautiful Birds

18 – 19 February

Stephanie Redfern


Ever wanted to explore textile art? Our workshop with Stephanie Redfern RBSA looks at the wonderful world of birds.⠀

Use your own personal reference material to create layered and stitched textiles exploring birds and their habitat. This workshop is suitable for all abilities, including beginners.⠀

Mixed Media Portraits

22 February

Jain McKay


‘A lot of people are scared of making that first mark, of getting started. They want their work to be perfect. I help them to find a way in, to work in the skills but keep the energy.’⠀⠀

Jain will be teaching a mixed media portraits class where you can explore new skills in a friendly and supportive environment.

‘The staff are possibly the nicest people I have ever met. They always have a cheery smile for you when you visit, and are happy to answer queries. They really make it a lovely welcoming place.’

Zarina Keyani

The Full Programme

lino print art set

viewed in full here… and we have a ground floor shop which stocks art kits, sketchbooks and notebooks so that you can continue at home… including a Lino Printing Starter Kit and Watercolour Kit!

Call the Gallery on 0121 236 4353 if you have any questions about our classes.

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