The RBSA on film: a project with West Midlands Museum Development

The RBSA created a series of short videos promoting the Society and access to the Gallery, funded by West Midlands Museum Development.

Volunteers were trained by James White in the basic techniques of filming, editing and uploading to the RBSA Vimeo page.

We produced videos covering:

Access and Visual Impairment at the RBSA

An engaging discussion with Peter Beasley and Ian Reynolds, both members of FOCUS Birmingham, about their experiences of how visual impairment has impacted the way they interpret and make art.

The History of the RBSA

RBSA Professor of History of Art, Brendan Flynn explains the long history and changing purposes of art through a variety of works from the RBSA Collection.

Prints in the RBSA Collection

Retired Archive Officers Carol and David White RBSA discuss the works of Samuel Baker and Richard Chattock.

Student Interaction and Volunteering

Ayesha Hussain discusses her personal experience of volunteering in the RBSA Archive and how her studies have been enhanced by Aubrey Beardsley’s works from the RBSA Collection.

A Reflection on a Single Artwork from the Collection

Nigel Priddey discusses the work Christchurch Passage by his father, James Priddey and the process of Etching.

Training Day for Filming and Editing

Training Day (From left to right) Veronica Pallett, Issy Frostick, James White and Nigel Priddey.

The videos allowed me to gain new skills with film editing software, and are something I was proud to help produce. We will hopefully be making more videos for the RBSA Vimeo page in the future and I look forward to learning even more.

By Archive Volunteer Issy Frostick

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