The miniature wonderlands of a world-class enamellist

Susan Mannion is an acclaimed printmaker and copper enamellist who has exhibited at international level. Her work is held in several public and private collections.

She draws inspiration from the minute detail contained within texture and colour

such as where a lake meets the shore or when hard architectural shapes are reflected on the swirling surface of water. The small scale of her work enhances the sense of entering a micro-world of precise observation.

National Trust, Castle Coole

Her stunning series of enamelled copper bowls instantly stood out among the works submitted to the Open this year. It is clear that her work pushes boundaries and explores new territory in terms of textures and finish.

Susan is known for her powers of observation and her acute attention to detail. Her work is best enjoyed in person, so we encourage you to visit the Open All Media show soon, to fully appreciate the intricacy of this talented artist’s work.


‘Land of Fire and Ice I’ Enamelled Copper, £200


‘Frozen Water I’ Enamelled Copper, £200


‘Mossy Depths’ Enamelled Copper, £175


‘Frozen Water II’ Enamelled Copper, £350


‘Land of Fire and Ice II’ Enamelled Copper, £150


‘Reflective’ Enamelled Copper, £350

We put on an exciting annual programme of exhibitions featuring the work of artists who exhibit at national and international level. All the artists who exhibit with us enjoy a prime city centre location to showcase their work.

Prize Exhibition: deadline 28 March

Check out the current call for our Prize Exhibition, which is open to all artists: go to the  RBSA website   where you’ll find a downloadable application pack, payment options and full instructions.

Making a purchase

If you are interested in buying work featured in our exhibitions we take a deposit or full payment at the gallery, and you can arrange to collect your work once the exhibition is over. If you can’t make it to an exhibition, call us on 0121 236 4353 or email

Our Own Art scheme makes the process affordable through an interest free loan: artwork valued at over £100 can be paid for in ten instalments.

Why not visit the RBSA soon and enjoy some inspirational art?


Susan Mannion is a printmaker who specialises in wood engraving and copper enamelling. She studied art in Belfast and worked as a curator first in Craigavon Museum and then in County Mayo Museum.

She enjoyed lino and woodcut printing before discovering the intricate and detailed world of wood engraving. She is passionate about printing and more recently her work has expanded to include copper enamelling.

Susan is now a full-time artist with work exhibited internationally – recently at the RHA and RUA. Her work has featured at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, and she also staged a solo show last year in Omagh.

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