The Artist’s Life: Angela Dooley

As a landscape artist my work is influenced by observations of my local surroundings, and therefore much of it relates to the Midlands.

I also spend a significant amount of time in the Brecon Beacons and as a consequence I have a body of work that relates to that area as well.

Although these locations can provide very different subject matter there are common themes that provide the inspiration for my work, especially interactions of light with form and shape.

This carries over into city subjects: reflections of the city landscape that arise during the construction of many recent buildings in Birmingham are a particular source of inspiration.

The resulting break up of images provides countless opportunities and a visual landscape of a type and scale not available to previous generations.

The reflective cladding on Grand Central Station in Birmingham has been a particular source of imagery and inspiration.

More recently, the Hyatt building and Symphony Hall, both in Birmingham city centre, have provided reflective surfaces enabling me to capture spectacular reflections of the construction of the HSBC building and the development of Paradise Circus; transient, distorted images capturing a moment in the reconstruction of the city.

I used to work in oils as well as watercolour and acrylic but some years back one of the results of chemotherapy to deal with breast cancer was that I could no longer tolerate the smell of oil paints, so now I work solely in watercolour and acrylic. I’ve not found this any hindrance to the images I wish to create.

Angela Dooley, ‘Going up… the HSBC building reflected in the Hyatt’

Ask Angela about her art

The RBSA is holding a series of events as part of Birmingham Heritage Week and Heritage Open Days.

Come to our art gallery in Birmingham and  hear Angela speak about the process behind her paintings and the life of an artist. Free entry, no need to book.

Meet the Artist: Saturday 16 September, 11am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm, RBSA Gallery, 4 Brook St, Birmingham B3 1SA

By Deborah Broomfield, ART BLOG volunteer

If you want to experience some great art featuring cities from around the world, then visit the Metropolis exhibition, sponsored by Maguire Jackson, which runs until 30 September.

Remember to also visit us on 8 and 9 September to enjoy our Heritage Week happenings with Margaret Fairhead at her Meet the Artist event, and our screening of Metropolis. Use the hashtag #BHeritageWeek and @rbsagallery on Twitter.

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