Tales from the Metropolis: ‘Forgotten Ones’ by Sarita Maharjan

Forgotten Ones struck the judges of our current Metropolis exhibition as a standout work… and it was awarded ‘Highly Commended’ on launch night.

It caused something of a stir when it arrived at the gallery, creating an instant air of intrigue.

Judge Angela Dooley recalls: “There was one piece that really stood out and made us all stop. A Sikh gent, who was submitted with no explanation. The judges were making up stories about him, wondering who he was.”

Artist Sarita Maharjan responded to our call to artists and sent in the story…

This portrait of a Sikh soldier is after a photograph which was on display at Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery in 2004.

Thousands of Sikh soldiers participated in two world wars and displayed tremendous amount of bravery and courage.

Their contribution in war has shaped the history of modern Britain yet not all the soldiers have been properly recognised. It is very important for younger generations to realise the sacrifice these brave soldiers made. They fostered a world for them in which they can thrive and live peacefully.

Sarita Maharjan

Tales from the Metropolis is a series featuring artworks from the current Metropolis exhibition, which runs until September 30 at the RBSA gallery.

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