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We often invite artists to tell us about the inspiration and creative process behind their works.

Steve Evans writes for ART BLOG on his recent solo show From Another Angle. Steve has also donated two works to our forthcoming Charity Auction.

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‘St Exupery Rail Terminal’

I was Artist-in-Residence at The New Art Gallery Walsall in 2017, and conversations with the artist Ruth Claxton, of Eastside Projects, and the curator Zoe Lippett prompted me to think further about the ways I present my work.

Their questions concerned the way images are framed, the size of a work, and how it could be supported; whether a work would be suspended, freestanding, mounted on a plinth, hung on the wall, projected or flat.

Reflected Vault

‘Reflected Vault’

It seemed logical that when the method of support changed, the framing would also need to be reconsidered.

I have experimented with making both smaller and larger works. It has taken more than 12 months for some of the ideas to germinate and, for this exhibition, I have made two smaller works on Perspex boxes and board, my usual method of display.

These works differ both in size and the area covered by the images. I have had to devise a different way of construction, because the access to the inside of the Perspex boxes didn’t allow me to control my drawing techniques at the extremities of the work.

Consequently the images for the smaller, ‘covered’ works are drawn on the outsides rather than the insides of the Perspex. For me this alters their character.


Torsion on a Square

At the same time I have found my subject matter shifting. Architectural themes have become less prominent with more abstracted ideas based on the behaviour of materials, shifting geometry and optical distortion emerging.


‘Into the Darkness’

I am also experimenting and making work in three dimensions. These pieces, which don’t feature in the current exhibition, are taking the form of metal constructions as well as Perspex works which can be viewed in the round. This process is also leading me to learn and develop different techniques and ways of working.

All this is contributing to the current state of flux in my work and I am looking forward to finding out how I might meet these challenges, where the ideas will take me, and what the reaction to them might be.

From Another Angle until September 15

This show features abstract drawings which explore and extend pictorial space by using light, line and colour, combining geometry and visual disturbance. Some are based on architectural themes and others optical explorations of shape, form, and structural distortion.

Banner image: ‘Torsion Arcs’

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