Self isolation art tutorials with Francesca Currie RBSA

Learn new art techniques from home with RBSA artist Francesca Currie’s video series Hour House.

As a full time artist I am lucky that my working day to day life has not changed much. With everything that is going on, painting is a wonderful way to take my mind off things. I still go to the studio every day and create. I’m currently working on a series on blossom, as it’s a beautiful reminder of the changing seasons and with that, hope.

painting of blossom

Blossom, Francesca Currie

In this strange time, I thought I would make some content videos of art activities you can do at home for an hour with things you are likely to have in the house. These will be ‘off brand’, so not oil paint. I am not a film maker, so apologies for the quality. I am happy to take request of anything people would like to learn.

Art can be a powerful tool of distraction. This is a rare opportunity to try something new, make mistakes and explore your creativity. There’s nothing wrong in going wrong.

ipad and paper showing how to draw a hand

Watch the full series on YouTube or follow Francesca Currie on Instagram.

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