See RBSA artists at Birmingham's Ikon Gallery

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Birmingham's Ikon Gallery reopens its doors on 17 May with Ikon for Artists - an exhibition of 250 Birmingham artists.

With 100% of proceeds going directly to artists, Ikon for Artists aims to support local artists whose income has been impacted by the pandemic.

The RBSA Gallery is delighted to share the work of several exhibiting artists who are Members or Friends of the RBSA.

See the exhibition 17 - 31 May at the Ikon Gallery by pre-booked ticket only.

Kathryn Sawbridge, The Fruits of His Labour, 2020, Collage, 29.7 x 21 cm

'I am very pleased to be included in the "Ikon for Artists, Art Sale" as it is a great opportunity for midlands based artists from all backgrounds, to show their work after a difficult year.

It's amazing to have galleries such as the RBSA and Ikon back open and allowing visitors to fully see artwork physically on walls again!'

Kathryn Sawbridge, Next Wave Associate

Julie Chambers, Biarmaland, 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 120 x 120 cm

"This was the first in a series of paintings which focus on freedom and on stillness and my attempts to develop an absence of desire in a materialistic world. My starting point for the work was a quote from the Greek writer and philosopher Nikos Kazantzakis “I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free”, taken from his epitaph. "

Julie Chambers, Next Wave Associate

Jodie Wingham, Unbuttoned, 2018, screen print on aluminium, 89 x 61 x 15 cm

"Being from Birmingham I have always visited Ikon gallery throughout my childhood and to have work on display as part of IKON for Artists feels a great achievement, as well as a fantastic opportunity to show my work to a local audience. "

Jodie Wingham, Next Wave Associate

John Davenport, Birmingham Poet, 2020, mixed media, 51 x 40 cm

“As an avid follower of the Ikon since it first opened its kiosk in the Bull Ring in 1965, I’ve at last got a work on its walls!”

John Davenport RBSA

Haseebah Ali, Geometric Trio, 2019, Lino print on paper, 111 x 44 cm

"I remember walking into the IKON and wishing my work to be displayed in there. It means a lot as it's the fruit of my steady progression as an artist and I'll always be proud of that".

Haseebah Ali, Next Wave Associate

Thea Brown, Sixteen, 2020, Photomontage, 40 x 30 cm

"I am delighted to share my work as part of Ikon for Artists exhibition. To me this is a wonderful opportunity to feel connected to other local artists. The work I have submitted is a photo montage of mother and daughter walks captured during lockdown, layered with paint and digital editing techniques. Sixteen is a multi-layered ethereal image exploring hopes and dreams."

Thea Brown, Friend of the RBSA

Annette Pugh, First Glance, 2020 oil on canvas, 25.5 x 25.5 cm

"I am delighted that Ikon is supporting the creative work that goes on in our city and to have my work shown in this wonderful gallery space is a privilege."

Annette Pugh ARBSA

Rachel Magdeburg, Aqueous Humour, 2020, watercolour on paper, 50 x 70 cm

"I am delighted to be included in Ikon for Artists: Art Sale, as the gallery has responded actively and generously in championing artists from the local area, which is crucial to the present moment.

Aqueous Humour was made during the 2020 lockdown in reference to how humans should be more reflective and look at themselves, but it debates whether this should be through vision. The painting also pays homage to Dutch still life painting and incongruously North American modernist abstraction."

Rachel Magdeburg, Friend of the RBSA

Zarina Keyani, Adventitious, acrylic on canvas, 80 x 100 x 1.8 cm

"I am thrilled to be included in the show alongside some great local artists. You could say it was 'adventitious' which is the title of the abstract work created during the pandemic. We are living in times where things just happen."

Zarina Keyani, Friend of the RBSA

Sally Bramble, Flower Medley, 2020, Encaustic and hologram pigment on handmade paper, 77 x 57 cm

"I am inspired by the beauty of changing seasons and have a love of vibrant retro fabrics, but am obsessed with encaustic wax which I use with shimmering pigments to make my paintings shine like jewels. Showing at Ikon Gallery is a totally unexpected dream come true. Thanks Ikon!"

Sally Bramble, Friend of the RBSA

Kate Egawa, Standing Man, 2020, bronze, 39 x 10 cm

"Standing Man was created as I watched the events unfold during the Black Lives Matter protests last June. The Ikon is a very special place for me, where I have so often found inspiration and a quiet space to reflect."

Kate Egawa, Friend of the RBSA

Matt Gale, Building Defences, 2020, fabric and copper, 50 x 12 cm

"Building Defences mimics natural processes such as growing shells, spines or armour as a means to counter vulnerability - copper has been ‘grown’ through the soft velvet to create the beginnings of a defence.

I'm really excited about the opportunity to show work at Ikon - it's brilliant that they've chosen to support local artists this way"

Matt Gale, Next Wave Associate

Lilian Chuchu, Enough, 2020, acrylic on canvas, 51 x 40.5cm

"Enough is a painting that forms part of a series exploring culture, ethnicity, and identity in minority groups. It is an expression of self-realisation that one is enough just as they are. As a part-time artist in Birmingham, exhibiting my painting Enough in the Ikon gallery is a great achievement. Painting allows me to explore and express my culture and I feel privileged to share this with visitors"

Lilian Chuchu, Friend of the RBSA

Cristina Celestini, Never, 2019, Pencil on paper, 110 x 105 cm

"I am super excited to be part of this exhibition. I have always dreamt to have my work in the IKON Gallery!"

Cristina Celestini RBSA

Jasmina Ajzenkol, Marine Collection 99, 2019, ceramic, 28 x 36 cm

"I am delighted that my Marine Collection piece will be displayed at the Ikon Gallery as part of the #ikonforartist exhibition. Thank you #ikongallery for supporting Birmingham artists."

Jasmina Ajzenkol ARBSA

Paul Turk, Home Schooling, 2020, Oil paint on wooden board, 43 x 35 cm

“As a ‘born and bred’ self taught, Birmingham artist it means the world to me to exhibit at the Ikon. I think it’s tremendous that the gallery have come up with an intervention that not only supports local artists but provides access to Art to all at the first opportunity after lockdown

Home Schooling is an oil painting of my daughter. It reflects the mood at the time. Another challenging day of her undertaking lessons at home, away from her friends in isolation”

Paul Turk, Friend of the RBSA