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Tate Britain contacted the RBSA Archive as part of its research into a painting by John Constable.

Salisbury Cathedral From the Meadows was recently acquired by Tate. It toured around various venues in Britain in the 1800s.

The Assistant Curator for British Art 1790-1850 contacted the Archive Team as she was interested in examining the context in which this painting was displayed at the Society.

The exhibition catalogue for 1834 contained an entry for Salisbury Cathedral From the Meadows indicating that it was exhibited in the Front Room West, along with works by several other Royal Academicians.

The single entry in the catalogue enabled the Tate Britain curator to gain information on the context of its display such as the importance given to it at the time by the room in which it was displayed and by which other artists had work displayed in the same room. The RBSA Archive holds catalogues from 1827 to the present day.


John Constable  Salisbury Cathedral From the Meadows 1831.oil on canvas. Tate collection.

By Veronica Pallett, Archive Team Volunteer

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