Read about the artists on show in our M&A exhibition…

Our Members and Associates Exhibition is on until December 24… so there’s plenty of time to find that perfect Christmas gift.

With most works of art for sale, this annual showcase features a beautiful selection of landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, portraits, sculptures, abstracts, prints and more!

Read on to find out more about the artists behind some of the beautiful works in this year’s exhibition…

Jenny Ryrie

Jenny Ryrie Evening Birds and Mud Flats

Jenny Ryrie, Evening Birds and Mudflats

Jenny Ryrie specialises in the experimental use of watercolour and mixed media on paper, producing work that is lyrical and intuitive. She has exhibited at the BBC Radio 2 Jazz Awards and admires the work of Helen Frankenthaler, Agnes Martin and Gillian Ayres; more recently, Mary Lloyd Jones and Shani Rhys James.

‘I worked in a semi-abstract way for many years, mainly landscape themes,’ Jenny says.

‘I wanted my paintings to break through into total abstraction but found it difficult to completely let go of natural imagery.

‘The turning point came when I started to paint as if creating a piece of music. It made complete sense that music could be understood through the senses and emotions without the sounds needing to be literal in any way.

‘By using colours, shapes, tones and lines to express feelings and ideas rather than things seen, I found I could make expressive abstract paintings that could be experienced intuitively rather than literally.

‘I don’t want to mimic nature, I want my paintings to distil the energy, beauty and mysticism that I find within it.’

Marylane Barfield

Marylane Barfield, Seated Figure

Marylane Barfield, Seated Figure

‘The human is the centre of importance for me.

‘I am interested in the wonderful things humans can do: from dance, sport, to living life, and I’m constantly amazed at the possibilities of the human form and the enduring challenge it gives to the artist.

‘I never get bored or tired of drawing and painting the human figure.  Each drawing or painting is new and exciting.’

Alex Callaway

Callaway Alex Nature Morte

Alex Callaway, Nature Morte

‘By far the most challenging element for me is working with fluctuating natural light, but this is what makes me leap out of bed in the morning!

‘Accommodating the ever-changing hues and intensities of north light keeps me on my toes in the studio. It may seem counter-intuitive to work in this way, but I am fascinated with integrating multiple layers of perception, to fashion an unlikely construct of reality.

‘To paint in this way means I have to be fairly organised, painting in the daylight hours and fulfilling other necessary tasks such as admin, prep and framing in artificial lighting.

‘I like to play with an ambiguity of meaning, where a painting can be interpreted in multiple ways, however as Giorgio Morandi said, “…there is nothing more surreal and nothing more abstract than reality.”‘

Visit Soon!

Visit the RBSA soon to view stunning contemporary art. Here’s what some recent art collectors told us:

‘Loved the show. Really happy with our purchase, which is the start of our Christmas shopping. It’s nice to get things when you see them to make sure you’ve got something they’ll really love and enjoy’

‘I know the artist’s work and saw this piece on your Flickr album. I fell in love with it, came to see it, loved it even more in the flesh, and simply had to have it!’

How to Buy

We take a deposit or full payment at the gallery, and you can arrange to collect your work once the exhibition is over. If you can’t make it to an exhibition, call us on 0121 236 4353 or email

Visit the RBSA Gallery and find a host of Christmas gifts away from the crowds…

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