RE-STORE: artists need YOUR help to make sculptures out of charity donations

If you are a regular visitor to charity shops, you’ll love this new creative project on the process of donating and buying.

An exciting new collaboration between RBSA Gallery and SENSE will see artists create new artworks out of the things we give away.

The work is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

We are asking the public to make donations to one of four chosen Sense charity shops in Kidderminster, Worcester, Kingstanding and West Bromwich .

Four bins will be located at the stores and the public can bring in their donations over the next month.

Sense shop staff and the public will choose objects to put forward, and artist-led organisation ‘Ha’ will record the thought processes behind the selections made.

The donations will then be used to create sculptures to display in the original shop settings and at Sense TouchBase Pears in Selly Oak, Birmingham. The sculptures will be made by Sense art-maker, Stuart, in collaboration with artists Rob Hamp and Andrea Hannon from ‘Ha’.


Charity shop team meeting at Sense, with artist Rob Hamp (right)

Rob Hamp explains: ‘Sense staff will help us gather and collect objects as artistic material, and stories from the individual donators about their donated object and what it has meant to them.

‘The exploration of these objects will take place through a sensory-based approach, exploring the objects in relation to all the senses and documenting this through various visual and textual means, which will form part of the final outcome.

‘Shop staff, so often distanced from the final outcomes achieved, are an integral element of the collaborative action, a true ensemble.’


Sense shop donations

RE-STORE plays on the idea that the project ‘RE-STORES’ all those individuals and objects involved.

  1. The objects from the shop are ‘RE-STORED’ by being used and interacted with again in a new way

  2. Participants are experiencing something new, and it is hoped they will feel ‘RE-STORED’ through their participation in the project.

  3. Artists from ‘Ha’ are ‘RE-STORING’ objects through the making of new works and exhibiting them to be experienced by others.

Research into the experience of Sense art-makers throughout the project will help to inform future work encouraging creativity and inclusivity in the field of disability arts, with a focus on how participants express themselves, and the benefits of sensory arts practice in relation to disability and wellbeing.

The project will be drawn upon as a case study and the research will culminate in a paper that will discuss the project’s outcomes and contribution to existing research in the area of arts and wellbeing. The aim will be to publish the paper and use this to deliver a lecture at Coventry University.

A version of this article first appeared at the Ha website.

RBSA and Sense: Making Together

Images from the Making Together exhibition at the RBSA Gallery in Birmingham, a multi-sensory exhibition featuring work by disabled people. Picture credit Annette Pugh

The first Making Together Exhibition in February at the RBSA

RE-STORE forms the third phase of activities between Sense and RBSA as part of the Making Together project.

Phase One involved artists Annette Pugh ARBSA and Karoline Rerrie delivering art workshops to groups at Sense TouchBase Pears. The artwork created was exhibited at the Gallery in the Making Together exhibition in February 2019.

Phase Two saw Annette and Karoline working one-to-one with two Sense art-makers through a series of mentoring sessions. The artwork produced will be exhibited at RBSA gallery in September 2019.

Phase Three is the RE-STORE shop project, which will result in an exhibition of sculpture, donated materials, and research in February 2020.

Banner image: the generosity of the public… all these toys were donated by one woman with twins, hence two of everything.

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