Meet art and literature lovers at our creative writing workshop

Explore creative writing and meet like-minded people at our Portrait Prize writing class on 3 August.

Published writer Louise Palfreyman will lead you around the exhibition and work with you to create short pieces of fiction or poetry inspired by the portraits on the walls.

Our workshop is part of a project funded by West Midlands Museum Development which seeks to combat isolation.

A recent Royal Society of Literature survey ‘A Room of My Own’ found that around two thirds of writers value peer support and emotional support as much as they value having their own space and financial security.

Dr Lisa Appignanesi, Chair of the Royal Society of Literature Council, said: ‘Literature is a space of vibrant ongoing conversations. These can counter loneliness, boost the fascination of the everyday, and make its sufferings more comprehensible.’

By bringing art and writing together, the RBSA is seeking to help people make new creative connections.

Louise Palfreyman said: ‘Entering a physical gallery space and spending time with others can stimulate creativity. Responding to art leaves you refreshed and energised.’

Portrait Prize Creative Writing Workshop Saturday 3 August 2 – 5pm


Francesca Currie, ‘Lewis’

Immerse yourself in our wonderful Portrait Prize exhibition and use the art on display to inspire some creative writing. Portraits are a window into the human condition. This free and informal session, led by published writer Louise Palfreyman, is open to everyone and is designed to provide a few hours’ escape from the isolation or stresses of everyday life. There is no pressure to have a fully formed masterpiece by the end – it’s all about flexing your creative grey matter, meeting fellow art and literature lovers, and enjoying some productive creative mindfulness.


Places are free but need to be booked. To book, please call or e-mail the Gallery on 0121 236 4353,

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This work is part of a loneliness project funded by the West Midlands Museum Development Fund, which is managed by Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust with funding from Arts Council England.

The RBSA is offering a programme of events to encourage a wider range of people to experience their Gallery in the Jewellery Quarter, either in person or online. Participants will be consulted as to how the RBSA can better cater for their needs in the future.

Banner image: David Gleeson, ‘Hanako’

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