May at the RBSA: touring exhibitions, artist events and Prize show…

May sees the RBSA welcome the Society of Graphic Fine Art to Birmingham for their Centenary Exhibition.

We are on the road ourselves at TrentArt Gallery, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire with a show featuring RBSA Members and Associates.

Our next open exhibition is the Prize… you can visit from 23 May for the latest in contemporary art from around the UK in an exciting range of media.

And remember to check out the ground floor on your visit – there will be two new solo shows by artists Cristina Celestini and Stephen Butt, and May is the last chance to catch our Craft Show, Carnival.


Society of Graphic Fine Art Centenary Exhibition 03 May – 18 May


Gary Cook, Snow on the Burrows

We join with the SFGA in celebrating their Centenary Year, in an exhibition with a focus on drawing skills. The show demonstrates a wide spectrum of work and celebrates each artist’s individuality and freedom of expression.

The SGFA was founded in 1919 and promotes fine drawing skills in both traditional and contemporary media. Today there are more than 130 elected members of the SGFA across the UK — professional artists from all areas of the art world who work in all drawing and printmaking media. For more information about the SGFA, visit their website.

Many of the artworks on display in the SGFA exhibition are for sale. Enquiries are also welcome and can be discussed at the ground floor desk of the Gallery.

Prize Exhibition 23 May to 22 June


Our annual Prize exhibition attracts a wide variety of work in a range of media and subjects. Artists from across the region and beyond compete for inclusion, producing a strong and vibrant show.

The show provides opportunities for art buyers and artists alike because the majority of artworks are for sale and there are a range of prizes to be won, including a top prize of £1,000.

Jain McKay’s In Posterum until 25 May


Jain McKay’s style merges the art of printmaking and the techniques of the Old Masters to create something incredibly individual. Her new show looks at the advent of the technological singularity and the day that artificial intelligence becomes sentient. She questions whether it be a time to fear or celebrate, will it be the onset of Utopia or the end of the world as we know it? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your hands on some of her work at her print sale on the 27th of April!

RBSA and TrentArt – Moving Boundaries 3 May – 31 May


An exhibition at TrentArt of artwork by RBSA Members and Associates. This is an offsite project at Newcastle under Lyme bringing the work of our membership to a wider national audience.

The address for TrentArt is: 19 Brunswick Street, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 1HF.

TrentArt can be reached on: 01782 610 588

Craft Shows

Carnival Until 1 June

Fern Robinson RBSA Gallery Flickr

May is the last chance to see this dazzling show inspired by the extravagant carnivals of New Orleans and Brazil.

Visit for cutting edge jewellery, vivid ceramics and luxurious textiles. Each piece is handmade by its designer and prices start at just £15, so you can take a piece of the vibrancy home with you!

Solo Shows

Mel Mars’ ‘Art from Mars’ until 8 June

Art from mars

An exhibition of ceramics and glass that includes stoneware, raku-fired pots, sui pots and glass pieces. These techniques create interesting textures and colours on the surface of the pots.

Mel welcomes you to touch her works, to fully appreciate how the light changes when they are held at different angles and to feel the differing textures.

Cristina Celestini, Memories 13 May to 29 June


The drawings Cristina is presenting are inspired by the precision and detail of Renaissance line drawings and by classical chiaroscuro techniques.

The themes developed are memory, family and the resilience of human spirit.

All the drawings are an attempt to snap a finite moment in time in the lives of those dear to her and of the places always in her memory.

Cristina’s realistic style is integral to this series of work to let the marks, her native Rome and the subjects tell their own story.

Stephen Butt, Two Styles One Theme 27 May to 13 July


Matisse once said an artist should never be a prisoner of himself or of a style, this I hold to be true particularly in the multicultural world of the 21st century.

In this exhibition, Stephen continues to explore the manmade city in harmony with or opposition to nature.

The show includes two different styles of working, exploring the introduction of the figure – and therefore a narrative – and the introduction of oil painting.

Stephen says: ‘My conversion back to oil paint, partly due to studying David Cox in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery has allowed me to represent a stronger form of realism and naturalism, which in turn lends itself to a narrative aspect.

‘The introduction of animate forms is conceived more as arranging players within stage sets as opposed to reacting to natural circumstances.

‘This often brings about an ‘oblique narration’ by which I mean, an action or story line which cannot quite be discerned but which is never the less inherent in the work.’


SGFA Tour and Talk 8 May


A tour of the SGFA Centenary Exhibition on 8 May, 6.30-8.30pm (arrivals from 6pm for a prompt 6.30pm start).

Join us for this exclusive guided tour by the SGFA President, Jackie Devereux, who will provide insights about the Society, the artworks on display, and the changing attitudes to fine drawing skills. The event will include time for questions at the end.

Booking essential – call 0121 236 4353. £5 per person or free for Friends of the RBSA and SGFA members. Drinks included. See you there!

Banner image: Felicity Flutter, Summer Wavelength, courtesy of Society of Fine Graphic Artists

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