Landscapes in contemporary British art: the RBSA Prize Exhibition

If you like landscapes, you’ll love our Prize Exhibition… there’s an exciting range of work across a range of media. Artists share some of their techniques here at ART BLOG in the latest in our Prize series.

From abstract oils to enchanting drawings in pen and ink, we have works that will draw you in…

Kate Bentley, 'Cold Cold Water'

Kate Bentley, ‘Cold Cold Water’

Cold cold water is a piece which came out of nowhere and was completed in practically one sitting. Very unusual. It is just one of those rare paintings that didn’t need enhancing or any reconsideration… a lucky break!

I started with  marking making and paint pouringth; the building and river appeared and the rest is history, as they say.

At the time I had been reflecting on my relationships and listening to the music of  Damien Rice ..both elements have influenced the piece.

Kate Bentley, Scar

Kate Bentley, ‘Scar’

Scar is a play on words… scar being the short black lines created to create tone and the place is actually called Whitbarrow Scar .

The piece came about after doing a short course in printmaking, inspiring me to think more about line and tone than usual.

I found the small scale of printmaking limiting and I thought it would be a challenge to approach a line drawing in oil paint on a huge scale.

– Kate Bentley

Emma Fitzpatrick, 'Blakeney Marsh'

Emma Fitzpatrick, ‘Blakeney Marsh’

I completed this pastel painting en plein air along a marsh near Blakeney Harbour in Norfolk, using soft pastels (Unison) over a sheet of Colourfix paper which had been painted flat with a mix of red acrylic and clear gesso to create the desired texture.

The work was completed quickly partially due to an incoming storm advancing in from behind me and due to the general changeable nature of the scene in front of me.

I love wide the open spaces in Norfolk and had spent a week there on this trip – this scene represented one of the rare sunny moments, and I was keen to try to capture it.

– Emma Fitzpatrick

Joanna Powell, Light Across the Sound

Joanna Powell, ‘Light Across the Sound’

The clarity of light moving across the sky, enhancing the dancing waves below inspired me to paint Light Across the Sound.

First I must sit quietly, observe and understand the sea and all its moods and be aware of the changing weather conditions. It is important to look hard at the relationship between the sky and sea.

I then begin to sketch, quickly working to capture the mood and atmosphere as light changes so rapidly. It is also important to make notes and gather as much information as possible, especially with reference to colour, allowing me to reconnect with the subject back in the studio.

– Joanna Powell

Kay Fletcher, 'The River and the Path'

Kay Fletcher, ‘The River and the Path’

‘This drawing was made from digital photographs taken walking through a National Trust for Scotland woodland near Banchory, Aberdeenshire, last September.

‘I wanted to lose myself in mark making with my dip pen and India ink, as often happens when a drawing is most successful, to bring my memory of the walk alive.  But this time I also wanted to create something of a personal philosophical statement with the drawing – which to choose, the river or the path?

‘One might be more direct and the ground firmer, but the second, although it meanders and the banks of the river may be more difficult to follow, might lead through more interesting terrain.’

– Kay Fletcher

Paula Hamilton, 'Through Raindrops'

Paula Hamilton, ‘Through Raindrops’

‘One day I was looking out of my studio window at the rain falling and noticed the raindrops on the window.

‘I had forgotten that each image reflected in each raindrop was upside down; so the sky was where the ground should be and the ground where the sky should be – amazing!

‘That’s what got me going on this piece.’

– Paula Hamilton

Visit the Prize Exhibition Soon

These works are on show as part of the Prize Exhibition which runs until 23 June. The RBSA stages the show every year, providing an opportunity for some of the most sought-after artists to show their artwork alongside emerging new talent.

With a top prize of £1,000 competition is fierce! Artworks range across jewellery, ceramics, textiles, drawing, painting, and printmaking.

Many works are for sale.

Our Gallery staff will be happy to help you with any queries on your visit to the RBSA.

Featured image: Lloyd Allen, ‘Holkham Bay’

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