Jacob Chandler: what being a Friend of the RBSA means to me

Sculptor Jacob Chandler is the youngest member of our Friends scheme.

He tells ART BLOG about the excitement he felt when his work Poise and Elegance I was selected for an exhibition, and how becoming part of the Society has helped him as he is starting out…

 Jacob and the RBSA

“It was at an exhibition in the Ironbridge fine arts gallery where I met my first few contacts from the RBSA:  the late Jeff Lomas’s stunning raku pottery blew me away and it was on his and Rob Leckey’s suggestion that I introduced myself to the Society.

The RBSA was one of the first and most reputable galleries I exhibited with, after being the youngest artist selected into the Friends Exhibition in 2016.

I have gained some supportive contacts and being part of an exhibition at a Royal Society, at such an early point in my career, gave me huge confidence.

It served as a springboard into the art world and still stands out as a key exhibition on my CV. The RBSA gave me huge media coverage: my work featured on a double page spread of Birmingham Living Magazine and a live BBC radio interview.”

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Benefits of RBSA membership

“The Society is a great place to network and interact with lifelong, late career and emerging artists. It has a huge draw of talent from across the country and its prestige ensures a constant quality.

Being selected by my peers at the Society and having Poise and Elegance I receive the accolade of Highly Commended is still sinking in; I never thought I’d see my name and the Royal seal on a certificate, especially not this early in my career.

I’m hugely thankful to the RBSA and all members for their support and feedback. I am really looking forward to a long and healthy relationship with the Society.”

Join us!

The RBSA Gallery is the perfect platform for artists at all stages of their career, and many Friends progress to become Associates and Members, as well as Council Members with a say in the Society’s future.

Check out our forthcoming Friends events to see how you could benefit. There’s a host of discounts, private views, talks and events through the year.

Chandler.Jacob.PoiseAndElegance (1)

Jacob on his Friends Exhibition work

With all my sculptures to date, I work with still images and Poise and Elegance I was no different.

For this piece, I used photographs of Corinne Cox, my cousin and professional dancer, who trained at Elmhurst and is now dancing in the Czech Republic.

From these images, I produced quick linework drawings, simplifying the form. I then made a framework model out of balsa wood bar – this is my sketch.

After completion of the 3D ‘sketch’ I start to build the solid panelled piece, making alterations where needed to improve the form and line.

Balsa is easy to work but the joints are always visible and to cover the grain of the wood requires quite a lot of work. For this I use a sandable resin to fill the worst joints and cover the grain of the wood. This resin tends to chip when I get it to a crisp edge, so I use little dots of super glue to fill pinholes and strengthen edges.

Finally, several layers of spray filler are applied and smoothed down. This need for precision has come from two places: Pam Brown, a friend, mentor and iron casting expert, who insists on perfecting moulds to ensure finishing the metal is easier, and The Metal Works R&D team whose technical expertise and craftsmanship I am always seeking to emulate.

I finish with the base of the piece; this grounds the sculpture and is a huge consideration. It allows a seamless flow to the ground and enhances the overall aesthetic.

Jacob Chandler 

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