Introducing our new blog volunteer, Alfie Hancox!

The RBSA is indebted to its volunteer base, without whom the Society simply couldn’t deliver everything it achieves year in, year out.

Our ART BLOG has received a boost in the shape of MA student Alfie Hancox, who has just filed a brilliant interview with artist Alex Callaway, coming tomorrow.

Alfie introduces himself below…


Hi, I’m Alfie and I’m an MA research student in Modern History at the University of Warwick. My research interests include the politics of gender and race, which have of course had a huge transformative impact on the contemporary art world.

I’m helping out with researching and writing articles for the RBSA blog, providing information about the Society’s history, artists and events.

I’ve always had a great enthusiasm for art. It started with copying pictures from books about the animal kingdom or excitedly taking a sketchbook along to the zoo when I was little, and today I enjoy painting (mostly from life) as a hobby. I have a particular passion for the visceral subjectivity of figurative expressionism, seen in the work of Kirchner among others.

In volunteering at the RBSA I hope to further increase my knowledge of art history, and I greatly look forward to interviewing professional artists.

I also love writing and plan on pursuing a career in academic research or journalism, so helping out with the blog is great experience that will help me develop my writing skills.

If you’d like to volunteer with the RBSA why not give us a call on 0121 236 4353? 

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