Inside the mind of an artist: Gabrielle Roberts-Dalton

Our artists have provided some insights into the work currently on show in the Members and Associates Exhibition. Gabrielle Roberts-Dalton tells us more…

The inspiration for my work was my own menopause. Through an ongoing project of work I’m exploring the effects the physical and emotional changes have on a menopausal woman. I often write poems to go with each image.

Many of my works start with ink drawings. ‘Blood shot Eye spy’ is Indian Ink on multimedia paper, using a wide nib italic dip pen.

It’s about having less energy. I start with the feeling rather than a descriptive idea. Expressing lethargy in a drawing….you become an observer. Bloodshot eye is the intensity of the mood, a sensitivity if you like.

Gabrielle Roberts Dalton Bloodshot Eye Spy

Bloodshot Eye Spy 

Compelled to dance, obliged to try and induced to movement.

Eye Spy the worn out shoes…do you? Bound to the feet, blushing.

The colour of blood…the end of the visible spectrum.

Bands of bars, trussed and connected to space.

Winged extensions branching time.

Sever the ties, slash away…do you see?!

‘Headdress of Echoes’ came as the companion piece to another painting ‘Pain in the Neck’ recently shown in my small solo show at the RBSA.  It’s a sense of cluttered thought. There are times when it’s hard to concentrate and this painting is the response to that.  Memories, the everyday mundane objects and the companion/ dependents. The change of focus and sensitivity.

This work is oil on linen canvas, drawn out with the initial under painting. For the headdress still life I used objects set up in the studio. I sat on the floor to paint myself, looking in the mirror with a hat on. My dog was the only photo reference. Everything else developed with the painting.


 Headdress Of Echoes 

Balanced thought is a mound of everyday objects and mundane vessels.

Balanced amongst thorn branches. Cups within cups, a waterfall of womb, echo month upon month.

Balanced headdress, a box of books, diary of images.

Balanced boot and shoe. Echoing steps, phases of time. Movement is a rung. Strides, paces, footsteps of a hormone march.

Balanced memory. Of baking with Mum. Cupcake hat.

Paper folding becomes the Crow’s crying beak, held open by shortbread and a lucky pebble, keeping the companion steady.

Balanced pot with brush effortless and easy, and scissors painful, jagged, pointed but blunt. Division of momentary thoughts. Endless masking tape.

Balanced divisions become tributaries, forks and turns. Chopped and pruned branches are censoring my time.

An abrupt end to counting the months, converts to counting years.

Having a widely diverse exhibition such as the RBSA Members and Associates shows the West Midlands and the rest of the UK that ART is alive and kicking.

Art is an important form of communication. The individual human interpretation of the world in visual form isn’t dead and never will be. Modern humans aren’t so very different from the cave painter of the past. Using our minds and hands to sculpt, draw and paint is an integral part of what we are.

With each generation it’s important to explore creativity and change, but also learn from the past. Being a visual artist can provide a window into alternative world. A looking glass for the rest of society.

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Gabrielle is one of the artists exhibiting at our current Members and Associates Exhibition. You’ll find a beautiful selection of landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, portraits, sculptures, abstracts, prints and more!

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