In conversation with an emerging artist: the RBSA Next Wave scheme

Giving a platform to emerging and early-career artists is one of our top priorities here at the RBSA.

Our Next Wave Associates scheme launched in 2014 and following its success, we decided to make it a biennial project. In addition to major shows, our Next Wave Curators and Associates are coming together this month to present a group exhibition and update you all on their progress!

Moya Marshall looked into the work of Clare Pentlow, an artist whose creativity is expressed through paper.

Clare’s love of maths and science merges with her inspiration from patterns in nature to produce intricate pieces of art, which gradually materialise as she methodically strives for perfection through hand cutting and folding.

‘Subtlety in White’

Her love of paper is only growing, along with the fascination of how an ordinary material can transform into a myriad of her ideas, challenging the viewer’s perception of beauty within simplicity.

Next Wave Associate Showcase

The artwork on display as part of the Next Wave Showcase has been a continuation of working with singular colours exploring and highlighting the changing tones within a colour through shadow and light. An exploration of the different possibilities of how to work with paper with spirals has particularly informed her ideas for this display.

Clare studied Surface Pattern Design at University of Wales Trinity Saint David where a paper folding project sparked her future career. Clare has exhibited across the UK winning the Rugby Open and Best Exhibitor in the Made in the Middle exhibition showcasing the best craft from across the Midlands.

She thrives on working with people through workshops and challenging them creatively helping them on a journey exploring the potential of themselves and the material.

Clare’s ‘Subtlety in White’ along with many other works can be viewed on the ground floor of the RBSA gallery until the 11 May.

By Moya Marshall, RBSA Intern

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