Gallery Closure & November News

Self-isolation, Roger Hale - RBSA Prize Exhibition 2020

RBSA Gallery Closure


The RBSA Gallery will close from Thursday 5 November, in line with the government announcement. The gallery and shop are open 10.30am - 5pm on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.⠀ ⠀ Across two floors of the gallery is the RBSA Prize Exhibition, and three solo exhibitions are on display on the ground floor. Current exhibitions will be displayed online until January for you to enjoy from home.⠀ ⠀ Provided we can reopen on 2 December, current exhibitions will also be extended in the gallery until January. ⠀ RBSA staff will continue working from home and will keep you updated through social media and the mailing list. If you have any queries, please get in touch⠀ ⠀ The RBSA would like to thank everyone who visited and showed us support in the last few months. We look forward to seeing you again in December.

Echo, Natalie Seymour NWA - RBSA Prize Exhibition 2020

RBSA Prize Exhibition 2020

We have had a great response to RBSA Prize Exhibition so far. We’ve  welcomed visitors through the gallery doors and received positive feedback from online viewers.

Many artworks have already sold, supporting artists during an uncertain time. 

Due to the closure of the gallery, the last days to see the exhibition in person before lockdown are Tuesday and Wednesday this week (3 & 4 November).

The exhibition will continue to be displayed online until the extended date of 16 January.

Online Exhibitions

For the first time, ground floor solo exhibitions will be displayed online on the RBSA website.

George Jackson, Three Different Approaches to Firing

20 October - 23 January

George Jackson ARBSA builds functional and sculptural ceramics using Earthenware and Raku ware techniques.

Lidded Box with Texture Handle, George Jackson ARBSA

Clare Pentlow NWA 

Online 5 November – 23 January

Clare Pentlow challenges the perceptions of paper by turning flat sheets into highly-detailed pieces of art.

Through precision hand cutting and folding, Clare methodically evolves each piece by building up layers of paper, an approach rooted in her love of maths, science and patterns in nature.

Cellular 2, Clare Pentlow NWA

Stay in touch

Although the gallery doors will be closed, RBSA staff will continue to work from home and will keep you updated with news through social media and email. 

You can find us on social media @rbsagallery

If you have any queries, please get in touch 

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