Evoking far away lands: the Japan-inspired watercolours of Mathé Shepheard

In the work of Mathé Shepheard, watercolour and ink combine to ‘reveal something of the abstract nature of space and the passing of time.’

A trip to Japan led to the evolution of a new period in Mathé’s development… and fellow artist John Maule-ffinch provides a commentary on her evocative works currently on show at the RBSA.

‘…while watercolour lends itself to delicate yet rich renderings, Indian ink is invaluable in providing an anchor but it can also be used subtly, as shown here in unobtrusive blacks and greys…’

The Work of Mathé Shepheard John Maule-ffinch

I met Mathé and her work a few years ago when I was elected to the Birmingham Watercolour Society and was immediately struck by the individuality and vibrancy of her paintings.

mathe shepheard 2

Mathé has that rare ability, much sort after and so seldom found, of conveying a form or an impression or an emotion with a minimum of brush strokes.  This imaginative and considered brushwork allied to carefully chosen colours and tones, plus the intriguing use of inks is, in my view, key to her essence as a painter.

mathe shepheard

Combining these factors with balanced compositions – be they landscapes, abstracts, flowers or trees – and you have a unique voice that informs the viewer but allows for the all important individual interpretation. I just love her work.”

Japan Revisited in the Mind Until August 17

Mathe Wisteria and fresh leaves over peaceful waters

Mathé’s solo show is inspired by a trip she made 20 years ago to Japan.

‘The country and its deeply held traditions have been a source of inspiration in the years since. The landscapes in the show evoke, echo and re-interpret the world of peaks and flowing waters, of gardens large in scale but small in size, where space is measured, controlled and rhythmical…’

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