Contemporary art for Christmas? Visit the RBSA for some very affordable gifts…

Have you ever thought of giving art for Christmas? A painting, Fine Art print, sculpture, textile or ceramic work can be a thrilling gift to receive. It shows the recipient that you hold them in high esteem!

Visit our Members and Associates Exhibition right up until 24 December, and you may find the perfect gift for a loved one… here are some of the artists featured:

Petra Rðhr-Rouendaal

Rohr-Rouendaal Petra Rour

Petra Rour Rouendaal

‘I lived in Botswana for ten years. That time had a profound impact on my life and I keep on going back, sometimes for three months at a time.

‘Living in South Africa, then Botswana and many other African countries made me love the continent and gave me a bit of understanding of African people and their way of living and thinking.

‘I try to express my feeling and understanding of Africa in my work.’

Kevin Line

Recently the photographic archive of Phyllis Nicklin was re-discovered at Birmingham University.  Phyllis, a born and bred Brummie was a lecturer in geography at Birmingham University, and had amassed a substantial photographic record of the urban architecture of central Birmingham before her death in 1969.  An architecture which has now largely been lost.

Kevin Line

Reuben Colley Fine Art were fortunate in acquiring copyright rights to the archive, and in 2015 invited a number of artists to re-imagine her works, but in their own inimitable style, for an exhibition to run in conjunction with an exhibition of the photos themselves.  [There is information available online as this was quite well covered by the media].

I was much taken by the signage reflecting the proliferation of small craft businesses in the Jewellery Quarter, and extracted a small section from a larger street scene.  Still true, albeit to a much smaller degree, today.  This particular building no longer exists, although the site is still home to the jewellery business.  The passing figure was added to provide a necessary focal point to the painting, but also obliquely references the passing of time.

The work, as with all my paintings is charcoal on paper.

Gabrielle Roberts Dalton

Gabrielle Roberts Dalton Bloodshot Eye Spy

Gabrielle Roberts Dalton, Bloodshot EyeSpy

‘I often draw on personal experiences or responses to things I have read or seen. I think it’s a natural process for me. I want there to be different levels to the pieces I make, a depth if you like. A story to be told, but not always obvious. Being oblique makes the viewer work.

‘When I began to realise that the menopause was affecting me and couldn’t be ignored, the change in my day-to-day life was a trigger to try and express visually how a woman of 55 feels. The drawings especially are like a diary. Imagine thinking in images and not words.

‘I think all the best artists’ work is autobiographical and usually their strongest. For example Paula Rego’s work in the late 1980s underwent a profound change due to her husband’s illness. Her work turns inward and more personal.’

Lynn Jeffery

Lynn Jeffery Rooftops

Lynn Jeffery, Rooftops

Born in Liverpool, Lynn Jeffery now lives in Cradley Heath. She studied printmaking and photography at St. Katharine’s College, before combining an art teaching career with her creative practice in the Midlands.

Coming from a photographic background, Lynn has built up a large collection of photographic images; whilst most have stayed as photographs, others have become parts of her prints on to which she then works with painted ink.

Her unique pieces of work are arrangements of overlaid objects and images, with many featuring the architecture surrounding Birmingham’ canals, imagined in pure blocks of vibrant colour: blues, yellow and touches of red.

Reproduced with kind permission of Ruth Millington

Featured image: Jasmina Ajzenkol, Marine Collection 54

Visit Soon!

Visit the RBSA soon to view stunning contemporary art. Here’s what some recent art collectors told us:

‘Loved the show. Really happy with our purchase, which is the start of our Christmas shopping. It’s nice to get things when you see them to make sure you’ve got something they’ll really love and enjoy’

‘I know the artist’s work and saw this piece on your Flickr album. I fell in love with it, came to see it, loved it even more in the flesh, and simply had to have it!’

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