Come and volunteer at the RBSA this summer! Moya Marshall tells us why…

The RBSA is devoted to championing opportunity and diversity within the art world. We have good connections with regional educational establishments, offering a wide variety of placements to students keen to explore careers in arts, heritage and the media.

We are currently seeking students interested in developing online writing skills! Read on to find out how one intern found working at the RBSA…

Moya Marshall recently completed her social media and marketing placement through the University of Birmingham’s Experience Arts scheme. She was hired by our Learning and Engagement Manager Natalie Osborne and says:

‘I was instantly attracted by the opportunity to gain transferable work experience in a creative environment. When I was lucky enough to be invited to an interview, it was conducted in the gallery surrounded by art from the StART exhibition and the following week, I was offered the role.’

Moya was involved in many tasks involving marketing to young people through social media and student engagement, but says she spent the most time writing up articles for the ART BLOG and interviewing artists who exhibited during her time with the Gallery.

‘Whilst I was keen to hone my marketing skills, a long-term passion for writing meant when the opportunity arose for me to contribute to the blog, I couldn’t let it go by.’

Here are some of Moya’s highlights from her time with us…

Linda Nevill: Meet the Artist Event

‘I had met and interviewed Wolverhampton artist Linda about her work before, but her Meet the Artist event which took place on the ground floor of the gallery, with live poetry readings and surrounded by Linda’s work was a very special moment.

‘I was also in charge of the social media for the event and truly felt part of it, documenting moments across the day.’

Her Game Too, Linda Nevill

Interview with Tony Yates: Kate Fryer Exhibition

‘I first came across the work of Tony Yates in the StART exhibition, where his painting of a Birmingham Jazz Scene instantly caught my eye.

However, the interview I conducted with him was not about his own work at all, but the life and art of a very good friend of his.

Arthur’s Blues, Tony Yates

‘Learning about renowned painter and printmaker Katherine Fryer from a personal perspective was a real privilege, and I would urge everyone to see the exhibition dedicated to her work in September at the RBSA.

‘Tony came to the interview armed with a car-load of Kate’s work and made so many helpful contributions to the article.’

The Fountain, Kate Fryer

Open All Media Exhibition

‘The variety shown in the Open All Media Exhibition – which ran during March and April and exhibited art from all mediums from printmaking to sculpture – really blew me away.’

Girl in Mirror

Perhaps one of the most alarming aspects of this placement was how quickly an entire term can fly by when you are thinking in terms of exhibition turnovers and not by the days of the month.

I couldn’t be more grateful to the RBSA for the experience they have given me, and above all, for being so friendly and accommodating.

To anyone applying for a placement at the Gallery, or who has time to give volunteering for the blog, I can promise an utterly fulfilling and enriching time.

If you are interested in a summer placement at the RBSA, please contact Learning and Engagement Manager Natalie Osborne on 0121 236 4353.

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