City living and rural escape: Supriya Chakradeo on sources of inspiration 

My first foreign trip was to The United States of America. I was a little child and the city of Chicago truly impressed me.

The stunning array of skyscrapers adjacent to the Chicago river with a busy boulevard is a picture of a typical metropolitan city vividly etched in my memory.

When I learned that the theme for the next RBSA exhibition was to be ‘Metropolis’, the first thought that crossed my mind was the time we spent in the busy city of Chicago.

Although the city is vibrant, to give it a dramatised effect I have chosen a palette of different shades of black… hence ‘Monochrome’.


As a keen traveller, I have visited numerous places and fallen in love with nature, completely awestruck by what it has to offer, particularly to an artist.

But an unpleasant commonality I noticed was the increasing urbanisation of places at the cost of natural surroundings, converting a jungle to a ‘concrete jungle’.

Through my painting, I wish to reach out to people who have lost themselves in such a place, so that they appreciate the true beauty of our mother earth.

All I can say is “unzip and enjoy the nature beyond the concrete jungle”.


Supriya Chakradeo ‘Monochrome’ and ‘Unzip the Nature Beyond the Concrete Jungle’

These stories form part of our Tales from the Metropolis series which accompanies the current Metropolis exhibition, on until September 30 at the RBSA gallery in Birmingham.



I am a Graduate in the field of Animation and Media Graphics with a PGDip in Digital Art. Since childhood, I have been fascinated with various forms and colours and I used to draw and paint fervently. Later, I decided to study Art and Graphics, especially the digital art form – a highly lucid medium for expression. I also thoroughly enjoy traditional media: oil, acrylic, pastels, water, charcoal I have exhibited my art at several solo and group exhibitions in India.

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