Cities, Coasts and Countryside: the work of Terry Lord

Who would imagine that a crowded bus stop would be a suitable subject for painting? And who would expect to find vibrant colour in such a subject? If you find such an idea surprising, then prepare to be surprised.

Terry Lord ARBSA says: ‘It is the drama and the light of the subject that drives me to paint and create mood and atmosphere.’

What, even in Birmingham? Yes: a rainy day in Colmore Row, a bus queue by St Philip’s Cathedral, the rush hour in Broad Street – these all provide Terry with visual stimulus which he conveys in his paintings. He sees scenic beauty in mundane locations, and invites us to share in  the pleasure he receives from them.


Queuing For Bus, Colmore Row

Lord Terry - Rush Hour Broad Street

Rush Hour, Broad Street

Terry’s interest in cityscapes is a recent development. Since he began oil painting about fifteen years ago,  he has been preoccupied with the atmosphere created by light in a variety of subjects.

However, oil painting is relatively recent in Terry’s artistic experience. He has no formal qualifications in art and design, describing himself as self-taught. That self-teaching is the product of a lifetime of working professionally in the visual field. He left school at the age of sixteen, and went to work in a local commercial art studio, illustrating greetings cards and children’s books. This work required him to gain skills in watercolour, pastels, and acrylics. Subsequently, Terry has worked for a London agency, covering various categories of illustration.

Throughout his commercial career, Terry has been interested in fine art, experiencing a great love of coastal and countryside scenes. His treatment of coastal subject matter has enabled Terry to exhibit with the prestigious Society of Marine Artists at the Mall Galleries in London.

Lord. Terry. The Lilly Pond

The Lily Pond


London Eye, Across the River

Terry’s connection with the RBSA began when he had work exhibited in the 2010 Open Exhibition, since when he has been a regular in the Society’s exhibitions. He was elected as an Associate Member in 2018.

His approach is summed up in his own words:

‘There is beauty in all places if we take time to look rather than just rush around.’

If Terry’s exhibition stimulates viewers to take that advice, it will have performed a considerable service.

By John Shakespeare, RBSA

Terry Lord ARBSA Cities, Coasts and Countryside until Sat 28 September



Terry Lord is a Leicestershire artist whose oil painted landscapes glow with warmth.  Alongside his commercial work as an illustrator, he has exhibited in numerous exhibitions across the country from the Mall Galleries in London to Birmingham and Bath. Terry is an admirer of the Impressionists, whose style has influenced his own work. 

“My painting is about light and atmosphere, I want you to feel as if you are standing there, you’ve got to feel part of the picture.”

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