Candidates Exhibition: view artists tipped for success

The Candidates Exhibition is history in the making at the RBSA, as we select new artists each year to become Associates or Members of the Society.

And it’s a great chance for art lovers to gain an overview of the contemporary art scene, in a showcase of the best works by artists nominated.

Visit this week to see works across a range of media.


Ryan Everson, ‘Hebe’ oil on canvas £2000

For the Candidates Exhibition, all candidates are required to submit six works of art, evaluated and voted on by a panel of Members. To be elected candidates must achieve 50% and one vote from the panel.

The election process for artists interested in joining the Society or being considered for Associate or Member nominations next year is explained in further detail on our website

In good company

The historic names of past and current Associates and Members reflect not only the prestigious status of the RBSA, but also contemporary art movements in Birmingham.

Established in 1821 as the Birmingham Society of Arts, the early stages of the Society saw a blossoming of interest from contemporary artists.

During the late nineteenth century the RBSA had a significant role in the Pre-Raphaelite and Arts and Crafts movements. Notable Past Presidents include Edward Burne-Jones, William Morris, and John Everett Millais.

The Society has gone on to elect members and support artists from diverse backgrounds in a range of artistic mediums.

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