Behind the scenes at the Equivalent 8 exhibition….

People have been flocking to our latest exhibition Equivalent 8, which sees eight contemporary artists join forces to present abstract and semi-abstract works in a range of media.

The show’s curator Michael Sadler took time out to tell ART BLOG how the idea was conceived, and the beautiful layout achieved…

As an abstract artist, it followed that my choice of exhibition theme would be abstraction.

I wanted this to be a group show as it would put less stress on individual artists and also significantly lower individual costs.

Equivalent 8 features the work of eight contemporary artists…

The only other abstract show I had seen at that RBSA was an inspiring solo exhibition by George Taylor in 2013. I approached George and some other RBSA members, whose work I knew was abstract in content, with a view to setting up a group exhibition.

We met for the first time in April 2016, with regular meetings in the following eighteen months. We decided that as there were eight of us in the group we would exhibit eight pieces of work each.

Malcolm Franklin came up with the Equivalent 8 exhibition title. There were no restraints placed on artists in terms of content but it was assumed that work would follow their usual practice.

Malcolm Franklin, 'Morris. Holly wood and stone'

We used a scale model of the gallery to plan the hanging; this was a relatively straightforward task as members of the group provided images of their work.

Viv Astling, Malcolm Franklin and Jo Naden jointly decided on the positions of their sculptures in the gallery.

The wall-mounted work was hung as pairs, fours or single pieces to ensure that all group members would have good exhibiting spots around the gallery.

Equivalent 8 runs until 18 November

This non-hierarchical approach was at the forefront in all aspects of the planning, organising and realisation of the exhibition.

It was my intention from the outset to help to organise an exhibition of abstract work showing individuality of approach, clarity of purpose, and artistic integrity.

I thank my fellow members of Equivalent 8 for being so supportive, and for being an integral part of this process and we all hope that visitors come away feeling they have seen a stimulating group of works displayed in a sensitive and engaging manner.

Equivalent 8 brings together eight members of the RBSA: Viv Astling, Malcolm Franklin and Jo Naden are showing sculptures; Steve Evans, Jenny Ryrie, Michael Sadler, George Taylor and David Walton are exhibiting paintings, drawings and other wall-mounted works.

Visit before November 18 to catch this stunning display of contemporary abstraction.

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