Behind the scenes at an exhibition hand-in… with artist Linda Nevill

This week is Friends Week at ART BLOG as we celebrate the opening of the annual Friends Exhibition showcasing the work of our many supporters.

Artist and Friends Co-ordinator Linda Nevill sent us this report from the hand-in at the weekend. The show opens on 26 June…

The scene at the RBSA this weekend reminded me of the queue for the RA Summer exhibition.

A large number of people flocked to the hand-in for the Friends’ Exhibition; they were holding their artworks and chatting as they waited to get to the hand-in desks. There was a wide range of entries: sculpture, textiles, print, ceramics, drawing, painting – and very diverse styles of painting too.

Around 180 works were delivered and seven artists had work selected as outstanding and were highly commended by the judges. There were many interesting and engaging pieces relating to a range of subject matter and I am certain it will make for a good show.

The hanging team volunteers will now be working hard to get the artwork onto the wall, labels typed and the show ready to open.

Friends Exhibition 2019 work handed in

I am really looking forward to seeing the exhibition at the Private View which is on Thursday 27 June from 6-8.

Another date for your diary is Saturday 20 July (arrive 2pm for 2.30pm start) when Brian Fletcher RBSA and the Friends Team will provide a guided tour and group critique of the Friends Show. Friends exhibiting are also welcome to say a few words about their work.

How Hand-in Works

After the entries are checked and receipts given, the artworks are placed in alphabetical order around the wall awaiting the selection process.

A panel of five RBSA Members and Associates look carefully at each piece on an easel (for 2D) or plinth (for 3D). Where necessary the panel will ask to examine the piece close up to fully appreciate the detail. The selectors are told the title of each piece, but not the artist’s name.

Where the panel are not in immediate agreement then a lively discussion will inevitably take place. Unfortunately, there is not enough space to show everything and some pieces are not selected.

Selection Panel Member Alex Callaway said: ‘It was great to see such enthusiasm for the RBSA Friends Exhibition on Sunday. Despite the large number of paintings being delivered and a queue that at one point ran all the way down the stairs, everyone managed to remain very upbeat!

‘I think we were all very impressed by the commitment, dedication and passion that shone through from what was an interesting and diverse range of submissions. Every piece of artwork received ample scrutiny, and on occasion some pieces also required further discussion.

‘All told I believe we will enjoy seeing a strong coherent show, one that reflects a healthy appetite for artistic expression in the community!’

Fellow Panel Member Ed Isaacs added: ‘We selected a huge range of artworks and spent a long time deciding which would receive a commendation. Congratulations to all those whose art is exhibited. All Friends are encouraged to enter this annual exhibition.”

By Linda Nevill, ARBSA and Friends Co-ordinator

Interested in Joining? The Friends Exhibition is a great chance to see the life of the RBSA in action. If you are an artist wishing to develop your practice or a visitor who wants to get more involved, why not visit the show and join our Friends scheme You’ll enjoy great benefits while helping us share our enthusiasm for the arts and contribute to the growing artistic community in Birmingham.

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