Artists’ joy at RBSA election, and new works for our Permanent Collection

Every year the RBSA selects artists to rise through the ranks of membership, and each submits a diploma work to be held by the Society.

We have Accredited Museum status because our Permanent Collection is a valuable archive documenting the artistic life of Birmingham, and the wider British art scene.

And it continues to grow… this year we have 15 artists either newly elected or promoted, and they were formally welcomed by President Rob Neil and presented with Certificates of Election in May.

Here’s a selection of their reactions to the news as it was announced on Twitter…

Ed Isaacs on Twitter_ _Well I made it to full Member. Chuffed as ninepence!… _
Francesca Currie on Twitter_ _I_M IN!!! Absolutely thrilled to announce I am now a full member of the @rbsagallery!!!… _
Linda Nevill (@LindaNevillprnt) _ Twitter

We love seeing our artists so excited! And it’s great to be growing our organisation and our collection every year.

The full list


Chris Baker Cristina Celestini Francesca Currie Xiaomei Griffiths Hannah Northam Ann Hackett Ed Isaacs


Nicholas Chaundy Simon Conolly Karin Hessenberg Terry Lord Linda Nevill Layla Tutt Alison Tyldesley

Our President Rob Neil said: ‘It’s a wonderful feeling, being elected into the membership of the RBSA as an Associate or full Member.

‘We have always sought to support artists and are one of the oldest art societies in the UK. We hope our latest intake go on to thrive, making the most of everything the RBSA has to offer the professional artist.

‘We’d like to thank everyone who was nominated and congratulate those who were elected Members or Associates. It can take many years for an emerging artist to be working at a standard high enough for election, and those who were disappointed may be successful in the future.

‘It’s worth adding that we welcome and support artists at all levels to become involved with the Society through our Friends scheme.

Baker.Christopher.A Pause for Thought

Christopher Baker, ‘A Pause for Thought’


Francesca Currie, ‘Hannah’

Isaacs.Ed.Beneath Junction 6

Ed Isaacs, ‘Beneath Junction 6’

Northam.Hannah. Max

Hannah Northam, ‘Max’


Xiaomei Griffiths ‘Portrait 6′

Cristina Celestini, 'Reflection'

Cristina Celestini, ‘Reflection’

How election works

All candidates are required to submit six works of art, evaluated and voted on by a panel of Members.

The election process for artists interested in joining the Society or being considered for Associate or Member nominations next year is explained in further detail on our website

In good company

The historic names of past and current Associates and Members reflect not only the prestigious status of the RBSA, but also contemporary art movements in Birmingham.

Established in 1821 as the Birmingham Society of Arts, the early stages of the Society saw a blossoming of interest from contemporary artists.

During the late nineteenth century the RBSA had a significant role in the Pre-Raphaelite and Arts and Crafts movements. Notable Past Presidents include Edward Burne-JonesWilliam Morris, and John Everett Millais.

The Society has gone on to elect members and support artists from diverse backgrounds in a range of artistic mediums.

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