Artists in Isolation: How to Make a Virtual Gallery

Lucy Morrison is a Birmingham based artist who captures the diverse landscapes of the UK in expressive oil paintings and has entered work in RBSA open submissions several times. In the same week that the UK began a national lockdown, Lucy was due to exhibit but was faced with a cancellation instead, like many artists.

Compelled to create a space for people to interact with her work from the safety of their homes, Lucy made a virtual gallery online.

Here is Lucy’s experience of creating the virtual exhibition.

I chose to use a resource called ArtSteps that is available online, there are other programmes you can use but this allows you to create something for free, which is great when you are venturing into the virtual.

With this software you can design the space you would like, and they even have a few templates you can use if you are not confident constructing walls. What I also like about ArtSteps is the extra layers of interactivity. Viewers can click to walk around the space and can access extra information about the artworks by selecting them.

Getting used to the software and trying to visualise what I would like the exhibition to look like was challenging at first. How big should the space be? What colour should the walls/floor/ceiling be? I took a trial and error approach, but I finally got the dimensions and space right for the works I wanted to exhibit.

reating the virtual exhibition

My aim was to try and maintain audience awareness of my work; it could now be months before I can have a physical exhibition. I am always looking for new ways to share my work, make new connections and with fingers-crossed, inspire some sales.

Being on digital platforms has gained so much importance over the past few years; if you have your work online, you can engage people all over the world. Posts on social media platforms now play a crucial part in promoting my work.

ooded Path, Lucy Morrsion

Currently, I am trying to stay updated with the latest arts news and opportunities but there’s a lot to take in. Luckily painting is an escape for me. I brought home an emergency paint kit with me and I am currently planning a new series of works. I will be painting out of my spare room for now, but I do miss my Digbeth studio!

My virtual exhibition, Woodlands & Wetlands explores the wonders of nature and is on display until 31 May 2020. See the exhibition here: Woodlands & Wetlands

I have also launched an eBook of my publication which was due to be released with the postponed exhibition. All proceeds go to an artist in isolation! eBook – Travelling the First 10: A Decade of Texture and Tone

By Lucy Morrison

You can find more of Lucy’s work here:

Instagram: @lfmartworks

Facebook: lfmartworks

Twitter: @lfmartworks

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