A Work of Art: ‘Suspended Time, The British Museum’, David Gleeson

‘Tell all the truth but tell it slant” –  Emily Dickinson 

My work is representational and is mostly a slow and thoughtful process. All that I do is grounded in observation which I try to combine with ideas, symbols, narrative, conjecture…

In my work I try to look again at the everyday, a world that is barely glimpsed and often overlooked.  There is a bit of mystery, alchemy even, in the craft of painting.

Working for long periods on a piece creates an internal tension on one hand and silence on the other. A silence that makes the works immensely contemplative. I prefer there to be a story that is not fully explained.

I like the idea that the viewer can complete the story. During the process of development I do a lot of putting in and taking out, so the narrative is constantly changing, which keeps me intrigued.

Time, and our relationship to time, is an essential part of the process and is woven in to the narrative.

David Gleeson, 'Suspended Time, The British Museum

David Gleeson, ‘Suspended Time, The British Museum’

“The task is not so much to see what no one has yet seen; but to think what nobody has yet thought, about that which everybody sees.” – Erwin Schrodinger

Visit the Prize Exhibition this week!

This work is one of many on show af the RBSA Prize Exhibition which runs until 23 June. The RBSA stages the show every year, providing an opportunity for a wide variety of artists to show their artwork.

With a top prize of £1,000 competition is fierce and artworks range across jewellery, ceramics, textiles, drawing, painting, and printmaking.

Many works are for sale.

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