A Work of Art: Poise and Intent, Jacob Chandler

Sculptor Jacob Chandler is one of the youngest artists ever to have held membership of the RBSA. Here, he tells us about his work selected for the Prize Exhibition

Poise and Intent is part of an ongoing series of work that aim to capture a sense of movement through bold use of geometry and line.

Tiny refinements have huge impact on the overall feel of the piece, from the very slight twist of the head to the smallest of facets on the feet, nothing is overlooked.

The work is a bronze casting with a blackened silver nitrate patina. The aim is for this piece to be scaled up in the future to join other lifesize works in the collection but financial constraints and space for now confine the sculpture to the table top.

Jacob Chandler, 'Poise and Intent'

Chandler’s work focuses on the most dramatic point of an action, be it physical or mental. This tipping point resonates with Chandler as ill health forced him to defer his formal study of architecture and when the tide turned his passion became a career.

Due to this unconventional route into the art world, the techniques employed are unusual, with fabrications from wooden panels and the use of sand-able resin to form the crisp edged, smooth faced, multi faceted maquettes.

The inspiration for these works come from the greats of sculpture, from Subirachs and Naum Gabo with their geometric portrayals to Giacometti and the Futurists with their desire to capture movement.

Visit the Prize Exhibition Soon

This work forms part of the Prize Exhibition which runs until 23 June. The RBSA stages the show every year, providing an opportunity for a wide variety of artists to show their artwork.

With a top prize of £1,000 competition is fierce and artworks range across jewellery, ceramics, textiles, drawing, painting, and printmaking.

Many works are for sale.

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