A Work of Art: Kevin Line’s ‘Others Do the Killing’

Artist Kevin Line takes us through the thinking behind his provocative work, which was on display earlier this year at our Prize Exhibition…

There is a long history of artists reflecting on the relationship between the flesh of man and beasts, which has left us with a very august body of work.

I first picked up on it with Rembrandt’s Slaughtered Ox also known as Flayed Ox, although there are other earlier works, and I feel sure he must have been aware of Beuckalaer’s Slaughtered Pig.

The subject is also at the heart of the famous series of paintings by Chaime Soutine, and more recently was revisited by Francis Bacon and Jenny Saville.  All of these paintings have a deeply visceral quality.

My genre paintings are very focused on observations of life today, so my intention with Others Do the Killing was to revisit those earlier works whilst reflecting the mores of today.

Kevin Line, 'Others do the Killing'

We live in an increasingly sanitised world, and the relationship between man, beast and flesh has become disconnected.

All of these paintings should come with a health warning “Not suitable for vegetarians”.

– Kevin Line

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