A Fair Day’s Work: Keith Turley’s solo show opens in October

Portrait artist Keith Turley RBSA depicts ordinary folk going about everyday tasks, and enjoys the artistic freedom this work brings.

His forthcoming exhibition A Fair Day’s Work will bring together portraits featuring men and women at work – hairdressing, engine driving, chain and glass making, and brass casting.

Keith often dips into local subjects in his portraiture, and enjoys the challenge of painting people at work.

‘Showing people in working environments is a way of delivering a portrait plus the context for it, and if it’s an interesting environment it makes for a better painting.

‘The glassmaker rolling his glass is made more interesting by the lines of the workshop.’


Inspiration on track

For ‘The Driver’ Keith was invited onto the footplate of one of the engines at the Severn Valley Railway.

‘I used red underpainting to denote the heat, and the bright copper pipes and the firebox throwing out lovely warm tones contrasted with the cooler colours worked in on top.


‘My forthcoming exhibition in October at the RBSA will feature a collection of such works under the title of A Fair Day’s Work.

‘The key works are characteristically large, and depict people working in both industrial and private spaces. The exhibition also includes examples of portraiture which have been a main focus for many years.’

Visit the exhibition soon

Keith Turley’s A Fair Day’s Work opens on October 22.

Many of the works are for sale. You can read more about his work at http://www.keithturley.com

Featured image: The Glassmakers

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