Yasmin Boyle


Yasmin Boyle completed their BA (2016) and MA (2019) in Fine Art at the Birmingham School of Art. They are now starting their PhD research in September 2021 interrogating sculptural art practice and its relationship to identity. Boyle was awarded the Next Wave Associateship in 2018, before this they won the RBSA Opportunity Award, as part of New Art West Midlands 2017. This comprised of a solo exhibition at the RBSA. Their solo show ‘Space Between Gender’ explored gender stereotypes and the binaries of male and female.

Boyle’s practice interrogates the extent to which sculptural art practice can open up spaces to articulate the identity ‘womxn’, in doing so disrupting normative binary, cis and representational power structures that marginalise the ‘other’. This is realised by drawing on Cixous, Irigaray and Kristeva’s work surrounding the abject, in-between and ‘other’ dimensions of subjectivity and reframing their practice of l’écriture féminine (feminine writing).

By approaching their own sculptural practice as research, they examine how the acts of artmaking and encounter as embodied and material processes can give rise to ‘unknowing’ and the becoming of identity through the entanglement of self, materiality and action (Ahmed, 2006), this enables new understandings and material spaces (Heideggar,1966).