Rita Rodner


Rita Rodner (born in 1976, Poland) is a multidisciplinary artist currently living and working in Northampton, UK.

Her works focus on universal subjects concerning the natural and virtual world, and are often articulated through abstraction.

Since 2018 she works extensively with unconventional photographic methods connecting the analogue and digital image-making processes.

Her most recent works are inspired by fundamental mechanisms which governs the natural and virtual world with particular interest in data, information, code and communication. The body of work created so far touches on the significance of the binary code, transformability of information and the omnipresence of information flow in the interconnected universe. She also explores the phenomenon of non-semantic and involuntary abstract writing.

Rita graduated with an MFA from Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw (2002) and MA Photography from Falmouth University (2019).