Pete Underhill


Pete Underhill enjoyed a lengthy career in graphic design and illustration before discovering the properties and possibilities of oil paints. Having worked in an industry where deadlines simply had to be met, the luxury of being able to work on a piece for weeks or even months, then to have it hanging around the studio for even longer as it dries, was a liberating revelation.

During his career, Pete became familiar with most mediums, naturally favouring those with faster drying times, and continues to use a variety of these in his current processes.
Pete enjoys the challenge of realist portraiture and figurative art and is a firm believer in traditional skills and that fidelity in drawing underpins everything he does.

He is now committed to developing his fine art practice and, despite his work winning numerous awards, he still believes he has so much more to discover.

His enthusiasm to encourage and share his passion, particularly in response to the often-heard phrase “I wish I could draw”, he gives workshops in the basics of observational drawing.
He says, “I won’t teach you how to draw, but I’ll show you how I see.”