Maria Landini


Maria Landini was born in Uruguay. After graduating from the National Institute of Education as a Primary School Teacher, she moved to Japan. There, she studied Graphic Design, Chinese Calligraphy and Japanese Ceramics. She moved to Birmingham in 1990. 

She was elected as an Associate of the RBSA in 2000 and as a Member in 2002. Maria is also a member of the Hall Green Art Society, Artists International and the Birmingham Art Circle. 

Her main medium is painting. Most of Maria’s subjects come from her imagination. The motifs originate from reality but are transformed by simplification and distortion of shapes. Recently, Landini has been inspired by Italy and the Mediterranean landscape. She sketches ‘in situ’, but once in the studio, paints ‘what’ and ‘how’ she remembers the place, taking into account the smells, the heat and the intensity of colour.