Maggie Humphry


Maggie Humphry trained at St. Albans School of Art followed by Swansea School of Art. After working as an art teacher for many years, she became a full-time professional artist in 1971. She continues to participate regularly in many school and community art projects. Maggie’s illustrations have been published in a number of books including 2004’s Maggie Humphry’s Shropshire.  

She was elected as an Associate of the RBSA in 2003. Galleries which have exhibited her work include: Gateway Gallery, Shrewsbury, Grosvenor Museum, Chester and Ingelby Gallery, Derbyshire. 

The following institutions and bodies which have commissioned pieces from Maggie are: Deiniol Shopping Centre, Bangor, Ness Botanical Gardens and Wigan Court Room.

Maggie has been featured in several art television programmes, such as Border Patrol, and in publications such as Art of England. Her main mediums are painting, drawing and etching.