Kevin Line


Great portraits can be looked at again and again, and yield something new on each viewing; they represent a moment of truth, and the way the personality is captured tells us something about the sitter, the artist, ourselves, and humanity all at once.

Kevin Line is a realist, whose grisaille portraits are truthful, introspective, and very human. He has exhibited extensively with the RBSA, the RP, the PS and the RWA and has been awarded several major prizes. Notable portraits include Sir Alec Reed CBE (founder of Reed Recruitment), Frieda Hughes (daughter of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath), Michael Bochmann OBE, David Watkins, and Joseph Phibbs (all internationally renowned classical musicians).

He is entirely self-taught and only started painting in 2009 after retirement from a career in industry and commerce. He regularly undertakes portrait commissions and was elected an Associate of the RBSA in 2012, and a full Member in 2014.