Julie Chambers


Memory, perception and the human experience of being in the world is the primary focus of Julie Chambers’ work. Her main concern centres on being able to express emotions, ideas and thoughts of landscape using the language of paint.

Experimentation is the means by which she investigates, develops and morphs techniques of paint application. She combines traditional painterly techniques with more relaxed and intuitive methods to create images. Where images have become ubiquitous with the growth of digital media and photography, the struggle for her is how to produce images using the medium of paint, in ways that are fresh and alive with a vitality of their own. The experimental nature of her process is changeable in practical terms, however the subject matter, namely Nature, remains a constant.

Travelling throughout the South West of England and West Scotland, her partly real, partly imagined landscapes, worked from imagination and memory, have titles which reflect mythological places from old Norse, old English and Greek mythology.

Chambers graduated from Coventry University, BA Fine Art in 2017 and MA Painting in 2019.