Jodie Wingham


Jodie Wingham’s work combines printmaking with non-traditional methods of display to create artworks that playfully distort images. Inspired by the act of observing others and the audiences’ enjoyment of this process, she focuses on the viewers desire to look and gain information, often using imagery with voyeuristic tendencies.

With a keen interest in getting people to ‘really look’ her practice regularly engages in the active crossing of mediums and processes, researching alternative ways to create works which can effectively use these processes in association with her chosen themes.

The pleasure taken by human beings in the act of ‘looking’ underpins Wingham’s more recent work. She plays with the satisfaction we receive when an image is presented to us that reveals something not usually seen, a glimpse into the hidden. This can take the form of an open button on a woman’s shirt in her screen print Unbuttoned (Woman), 2018, or the embrace of a couple featured in her plaster work Embrace(ing), 2019. Both works create conversations surrounding intimacy not just between the people in the work but between the viewer and the work.

Wingham plays with our desire to understand the information provided within an image (or in this case missing from the images on display). There is a greater need required from the audience to fill in the gaps or interpret a narrative within the image in order to explore the act of looking.

Jodie Wingham graduated from Birmingham City University with Distinction with an MA in Fine Art.