Jo Naden


Jo Naden was elected as an Associate of the RBSA in 2006 and as a Member in 2009. 

Jo would describe her sculptures as distilled from journeys of exploration and gathering. These journeys may begin at any point, be it poem, plant or place, with research being central to her practice.  

Her sculptures are inspired by natural landscape and the memory of its collective past and journeys of exploration. This way of working is well suited to commissions that respond to a sense of place. Shining Stone, her sculpture situated in the Black Brook at Shenstone, Lichfield, shows this. Other work responds an aspect of the natural world, such as the Cocoa plant, in the more recent commission Theobroma, for Cadbury. Larger scaled sculpture is explored through commissions such as Wish, for Crest Nicholson, standing at just less than three metres high and situated in Park Central, Birmingham.

Her sculptures range from around three meters, to the smallest of her made objects which are designed to be held in the hand, changing our involvement from viewer to participant. Her moderately sized sculptures compliment interior spaces.