Janette Summerfield


Janette Summerfield gained an Honours Degree in Three-Dimensional Design specialising in interior design from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, and practised as a commercial interior designer for several years, in both the private and public sector.

Always drawn to painting, her inspiration comes from a love of the landscape. She explores the patterns, colours and textures she sees within it; capturing these elements is the essence of her work. She uses pastel, oil, and acrylic, employing similar techniques for each medium. When using pastel, she draws with it on its side making strong and angular marks, some random, some directional, to create a build-up of colour and texture. With oil or acrylic she favours using a bright or square brush to create the same quality. She is interested in the value of colour within a painting, how colours react with one another to create mood and dynamism.

Summerfield favours a limited palette to produce cohesion and harmony within her work. More recently she has been exploring the world of still life; her compositions, on boards no more than 8 x 8”, continue her interest in pattern, colour, and texture.

Summerfield was elected a Member of the RBSA in 2010 and her work is in private collections in the UK, USA, and South Africa. She exhibits regularly at the RBSA Gallery and other galleries in the UK. Her painting 'The Yellow Tree (for Dad)’ is the book cover design for 'Our Last Awakening', edited by Janet Morley, published by SPCK. Janette regularly runs pastel workshops at the RBSA Gallery and has been invited to lead workshops for a number of local art groups.