Haseebah Ali


Haseebah Ali is an artist and print maker based in Birmingham. Her work centres around cultural and political themes and her artistic aim is to create artwork that not only educates her but the audience to which it is viewed. Ali is driven by storytelling and capturing narrative within her work.

Her Syrie prints arose during her final year project when the Syrian refugee crisis was in the headlines. She discovered that many people either did not know about the crisis or were interpreting media narratives with negativity. Ali therefore created a body of work that reflects an empathetic view of the situation, focusing on the displacement of people and the resulting emotional turmoil caused by displacement, rather than the political context.

Haseebah has also explored Islamic Geometric pattern through multi-layer lino prints and is currently looking at landscape art with oil painting and gauche mediums.

Ali graduated from Birmingham City University in Visual Communication Illustration in 2018 with a 2:1.